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Work & Office

An office space requires more than just a desk. To ensure you work at your optimum, you will need office equipment. Choosing the quality products for your office can prove quite the challenge. At OnlyReviews we do the hard part for you so you can set up your office and start working in no time.

A Guide to Buying Work and Office Products

Once you’ve secured a space, and finally the time comes to set up your office, it can be a daunting task to find and purchase what you need to make it functional. It is possible to underestimate what you need or remain perplexed because of the long list of things to buy. All through your search for the proper office equipment, you need to find those that will offer comfort and make you effective, efficient and productive. At Only Reviews, we understand your struggle and go the extra mile to help you find what you need to make your dream office. Go through the checklist to identify the must-haves.


Furniture is important to have in any office. It is the furniture that you will sit on and work. They act as storage places where you can keep your files, books, and other important office material. Before you buy them, you’ll have to consider various things. Check the designs, the construction material, the color, size, among other features.

Most people settle for furniture that is easy to manage and move around when the need arises. The must-have furniture includes chairs, tables, and cabinets. Take your time and buy a comfortable chair that suits your office design. A desk or table should be spacious enough for computers and extra space for traditional paperwork. When you buy cabinets, ensure you get lockable options to secure your important documents.

IT Equipment

Technology is at the center of ensuring that office activities run smoothly. It has come a long way and replaced most of the paperwork in the office space. Going digital is necessary, requiring you to buy various technology stuff. They will help you become more efficient and effective at what you do. The first digital equipment is the computer, which you can choose to be a desktop or laptop according to your liking. Through it, you can research, and use it to operate the rest of the equipment. You’ll need a printer to make documents and files in hard copies for storage purposes. It can also scan digital information and images.

You will also need scanners to perform the opposite duties of the printer; turn hard copy information into digital content. You can do this to store and send them where they are needed. The office also needs a copier which will help in replicating documents particularly those written by hand. You’ll also need a dictation machine and a shredder. In addition, get a projector for your presentations.

A surge protector will help protect your office equipment against electrical surges and spikes. You should have a plan to protect your data as well, which will require you to invest in a backup drive. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is important in the case of blackouts as well.


Office operations cannot work well without stationery even with computers all over the place. You need office papers of various sizes. For instance, A4 size papers will work with the printers to produce hard copy documents like vouchers and invoices. Sometimes instead of using email for notification, you can print out on paper and pin it on the notice board if you have a team with you. Your paperwork will need storage, which will require you to buy folders and files. Also, pencils, markers, ball pens, fountain pens are necessary as writing materials. They must be supplied in plenty because they can easily get lost. Get containers to keep them safe.

Software for the Computers

Owning a computer is useful only if you have software to run business operations. There are common ones like Microsoft Windows, which most offices use. But you can also get a developer to create bespoke software solutions that specifically deals with your business problems. There are also off-the-shelf options which relatively work well and are more affordable if you don’t need a robust product. You might also need a programmer or a developer to contact any time you have a problem with the software.

The software can come in handy in so many ways. It can help communicate with clients, coordinate with other remote teams, manage the business tasks, create documents, and maintain the business operations. It is important to consider high-speed internet to connect with the rest of the world and do online work.

Kitchen Items

Well, most offices need kitchen equipment, or at least one. For starters, you need a drinking water facility. Even in a home office, you don’t need to get out of the office to go drink water in the kitchen and come back. That is a waste of time. You’ll need a basic vending machine for coffee as well plus crockery items. If you are going to be meeting clients in your office, you can welcome them with water in a glass or a cup of coffee. It is a customer care technique and basic etiquette. Disposable glasses, saucers, cups, spoons, knives, and spoons are some of what you require.

Lighting Equipment

Having furniture is great, but you’ll also need to light up the office space adequately. Find power supply mechanisms for your office to avoid downtime in case there is a blackout. Without proper lighting, you might end up straining your eyes or having trouble reading because the light is too much. Therefore, get suitable lighting equipment to serve at different times of the day. LED lighting systems can save you a lot when it comes to paying electricity bills. Consider them.

Additional DIY Equipment

You don’t want to call a repair person every time you have a problem at the office. Therefore, equip yourselves with DIY equipment like hammers, screws, switches, a ladder, torches, among others. Anything that will help you make repairs in the office will come in handy. Sometimes, you’ll have to experience a problem before you can buy these items.

There are other important considerations depending on the functions of the office you expect to host. If it is a lab, you’ll require jars, microscopes, slides among other items. In case it is a laboratory, consider having racks.

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