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TV & Radio

For many of us, entertainment comes in the form of television and radio. They’ve become a necessity to modern life. Clarity of images and sound are just some of the factors to consider in a quality TV or radio. At OnlyReviews we bring you the best TV, radio, and paraphernalia you will need to turn your living space into an entertainment hub.

A Guide to Buying TV & Radio Products

The smart and digital TV and radio market is booming, with more appliance companies venturing into TV and radio production and sale. The increased growth in the market and use in households is attributed to the advancements in technology in both TV and radio.

Unlike ordinary TV in the previous decade, digital and smart TV’s have brought in a world of new experiences and entertainment. Users can now access the internet through their TV sets, play video games, or connect their laptops.

Owing to the new features, it is essential to find out important factors to look out for to ensure you acquire quality and long-lasting appliances into your home.

To ensure you make the right decision in your next TV or radio purchase, here are a few essential pointers to consider.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio shows the difference between the darkest and lightest panels of the screen in dark and light areas. High contrast is especially useful in dark settings, and though there is no standardization of contrast ratio, an easy way to find out how well a TV will show pictures in dark settings. Is by comparing similar photos or videos with two TV types. A higher contrast should show brighter and more vibrant images.


The more the inputs, the better. You may need to connect your TV with your laptop, speakers, a decoder, or a video game cable, the four inputs are now occupied, and furthermore you could never go wrong with more inputs. Additionally, consider a TV with an Ethernet port; this makes your internet connection better and, in some cases, even faster.

A great way to ensure you do not miss out on any necessary ports is finding out how many devices or items you will need to the plugin to your TV.


In simple terms, resolution determines the quality and sharpness of the images. For the longest time, TV companies have used full HD 1080p resolution, though effective, more companies are now using the ultra HD resolution, also known as 4K resolution. What this means is, users are now able to see details on smaller images. Moreover, ultra HD also helps the TV remain dated by producing sharp pictures and texts.

Smart Software Features

When it comes to digital appliances you are also looking for effectiveness, what says that better than accessing smart software on your TV? Software such as YouTube or better yet, Netflix, gives you a full digital and smart TV feel. The ideal TV should be designed such that you can easily access smart software such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Alexa, or Google assistant, to mention a few.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Maybe you have noticed that TV’s nowadays are thinner, what this means is there is less space left for built-in speakers. What this subsequently means is modern TV’s cannot transmit sound in large rooms. However, if your TV is set to serve a smaller room, then this should not worry you. In spite of this, you need to listen to the quality of the sound before making a purchase. For bigger rooms, on the other hand, you will need to budget for a sound system to help boost the built-in speakers.

Refresh Rate

For some, the refresh rate will not matter, but it is still an essential factor to consider before buying a TV. The refresh rate is the number of images the TV can show in a second. The average rate on most modern TV’s is 60HZ, while more expensive brands show at 120 to around 240 HZ. The content displayed at 240HZ is smoother compared to 60 or 30 HZ.

When it comes to appliances, you need to find out your priorities, for instance, if the clarity and smoothness of the image are more important than the number of inputs, then be sure to explain this to the salesperson clearly.

Read on as we go through essential features to look out for in a quality radio. Radios are also an essential part of technology and have also seen tech advances.

Internet Connectivity

Since this is a modern guide to quality radios in the tech era, one important factor to consider while making a purchase is the connectivity. Modern radios can now connect to the internet through WIFI, or connect to your phone or tablet through the Bluetooth feature. This feature allows you to play music on your devices through your radio, making it an ideal option if you want to be in charge of your playlist.

Sound Quality

Radio is all about sound, unlike TV, that offers both audio and pictures. With radio, you need to hear information to create an image in your mind. Before buying a radio, find out the speaker wattage, this information will help you find out how loud the radio can get, as well as how clear the sound is in larger rooms or even a smaller area.

Style of the Radio

For many, radios are an expression of their style and personality, many companies, therefore, focus on presenting different designs that communicate and appeal to various personalities. Buy a radio that will not only fit your personality but will blend well with your home.

The good news is, different brands communicate and appeal to different personalities, so find out how you feel about specific types of designs and how it blends in with your preference.

The third vital quality to look out for when buying a radio is the quality of materials used and the portability of the product.

Will the radio be a family heirloom for your family, do you wish to share your technology development era with generations to come? If the answer is yes, then you need to ensure the material used on the radio is durable and robust, brittle and weak materials mean a short-lived experience with your radio. Additionally, you need to buy a radio that can be easily moved from place to place without getting damaged.

What are the Power Options?

When finding out the power options one crucial question you need to ask yourself, is the radio intended for use for long hours? Will I need to travel with my radio? These questions will guide you on deciding on preferred power options. Some radios have rechargeable batteries, while others can only work after a socket connection, and other use either AA or AAA batteries.

These power options are an essential factor to consider. For instance, if you enjoy camping, but still want to stay connected to the world, then buying a radio with rechargeable batteries or using the AA or AAA batteries is a great option.

Does the Radio Support DAB?

DAB is Digital Audio Broadcasting, and though most radios support this format, it is essential to ask before making a purchase, DAB support allows you to listen and access various radio stations in your region. However, if your radio does not support DAB, one could also buy DAB tuners.

Now that you know what to look out for when making purchases let us take a look at why it is essential to buy a quality TV and radio.

Ensures Durability

Shopping might be a fun experience for some, but shopping for a TV or radio though fun maybe an expensive venture. Take some time off from the shopping spree by investing in a durable TV or radio. By finding out the small details such as the material used, inputs available, or even connectivity, ensure you have a long-lasting item.

Saves on Extra Cost

Quality products reduce extra expenses such as repair costs, enjoy your TV without having to worry about a defect or malfunction that might affect and limit your experience.

Highly Effective and Functional

Investing in quality TV and radio ensures you obtain effective and functional appliances. For example, smart TV with Google assistant features makes your life easier by allowing you to make commands at the comfort of a couch. You do not need to move, to change the stations or switch on or off.

As we wind up, one crucial factor to consider before making a purchase is the cost of the item, how much do you have, or how much are you willing to spend on the item? This analysis helps you decide how much you need to save to reach your target or what you need to prioritize before making the purchase, depending on the amount you wish to spend.

The process of buying a radio or TV should be a fun experience, to ensure you have fun while at it, stick to a budget and remember technology is on constant growth, so you do not have to get all your requirements in one equipment, you could also always look out for better TV and radio experiences. However, have a specific need to help you enjoy your gadgets at the moment.

Our team compile all of the information that you need to compare TV and Radio products against one another, helping you to make the right decision when you buy. Check out our comprehensive reviews to ensure that you get the right product at the best price.

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