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Travelling can be just as confusing as it is exciting. Too much luggage or inefficient use of space can turn your holiday plans into a nightmare. At OnlyReviews we offer you top-notch travel products that will help you make the most of your space as well as ease your carrying allowing you to focus on all the cheers that your trip has to offer.

A Guide to Buying for Travelling

Overseas holidays can have you excited and anticipating for a prime stay abroad. However,  the daunting process of planning and setting your packing list turns many off. A lot of people, especially first-time visitors, spend hours of time on online researches to figure out the ins and outs of the requirements and the average costs of the products expected of them.

A winning strategy for your holiday plan begins with knowing, domestic holidays are nothing less than overseas holidays – the focus should be the same.

Where to start

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one. Where do you start when planning for your holiday? During planning, do not rush. Take your time a do valuable research with key considerations on what you are looking for in the holiday. Ensure the whole family is involved in making critical decisions about the holiday.

Do you want an all activity holiday or a five star destination holiday? This decision is critical for you and your family members to ensure everyone benefits from the holiday. Once you know the type of holiday you want, you can now narrow down to the locations and sites that will meet your needs. Note down the destination, probably some before you narrow down to one.

Why Planning Is The Best Part

Have you gone for some holiday(s) before? The anticipation is always part of the fun. When thinking in the line of the fun you will experience half the fun you will experience during the holiday.

Planning improves your mental health by relieving you from unnecessary stress and pressure about your holiday.

Plan For Things You Have Never Done

Time is moving so fast, with the brain capturing moments and turning them into experiences. When you are planning for your holiday, think of how you can slow down time and re-enjoy the moments.

After researching and having reached a final decision with your family, the next part is to look at what you will need to facilitate your stay during the holiday.

Maximize Your Time

Travel preparation budgets for all the time during your holiday. The plan should include details on various places you will visit and the time you look forward to spending there. The planning makes you more flexible to switch between events and activities while on holiday.

Prioritizes Your Wants

During your holiday, it is impossible to visit all the attractions in a few days. In countries with numerous attractions, a holiday plan helps you to prioritize and visit attractions that you really want to see.

Easier Navigation From One Place To Another

Although maps and the internet may make traveling from one point to another look easier, the reality is totally different. Your plan should well document the areas you are visiting to avoid confusion while on holiday. It is advisable to visit attractions in one place or move in one direction.

The Absolute Essentials

Failing to observe the key requirements can get you and your loved ones stuck during your holiday. Here is a set of things to ensure they are in order prior to your trip.


Ensure your passport is valid at the time of travel. Need a new one? Be sure to get it sorted as soon as possible to avoid delays.


Your safety and that of your loved ones should be prioritized throughout your holiday. Ensure you are insured just in case the unexpected scenarios happen. Having a surety of your safety will make you enjoy the holiday to the maximum.


If during your holiday you will need a car to travel around, it is important that you find a car and book it in advance. Failure to book in advance may lead you not to enjoy the holiday fully. Renting a car can be potentially hard especially if the location you are visiting is busy at that time of the year.

What To Pack

What to pack when visiting a place solely depends on your expectation for the visit. The places you are planning to visit will dictate what you should carry.

Tech and Entertainment Valuables

For capturing moments during your holiday, a digital camera will be the best suite for you. If you are a movie fan, download some of your favorite collections and carry them with you for the holiday. If you love books you can get a collection from your book store to keep you charmed during the holiday.


Pack your lightweight clothes for the holiday. Avoid packing heavy clothing which is unnecessary from the holiday stay.


This pack will contain all your needs for liquids, creams, and pastes. Your tooth and hairbrushes should be packed here.to avoid confusion and forgetting, you should have a checklist and tick each item as you pack.

Health Kit

While on holiday, your health matters. In the middle of fun and games, you may get scratched and require first aid. Carry a full first aid, multivitamin tablets, allergy medicines and medicines specific to the region you are visiting. Having a background on the region’s infections can help you in selecting vaccination medicine to carry.

Security Kit

This will enhance the safety of both you and your valuables during the course of the holiday. Having a flashlight can help you a great deal when there is a blackout. A neck wallet and helmet will be of help if the terrain is potentially risky of injuries.

Before leaving for your holiday, ensure you doublecheck your list to ensure you have everything you will need during the holiday. Having a checklist will also enable you to pack light for easy mobility in the locations you will be visiting. When on holiday, interact and make friends, learn new cultures and languages. Respect the natives and look for investment niches too. Go on and enjoy your holiday stress-free.

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