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Pet Supplies

Our pets are important members of our families and need as much care and attention as everyone else. From litter boxes to automatic fetch machines, there are plenty of pet products on the market. If you are wondering how you can improve the quality of life of your pet, OnlyReviews offers you all the information you need to make the best choice for your beloved animal.

A Guide to Buying Pet Supplies

From dogs to cats, rabbits to chickens, everyone has their favourite animals, and many will keep their favourite animals as a pet. A pet can bring so much joy into your life but knowing how to properly care for a pet is vitally important.

However, you should always do your research before you commit to bringing a pet into to your home, not only do they require a lot of work such as training and regular exercise but owning a pet can take its toll on your bank balance. From food to vet fees, it’s not always cheap so it’s important you consider everything before owning a pet.

Dog Crates

Only Reviews has tried and tested some of the best dog crates on the market to bring you real reviews that will help you to make the best decision for your pet. There are many different dog create options from crates for your home to the car – we have tested them all.

Dog crates are a great option for those who are training their pets or have young puppies who chew and make a mess when left alone at night. Only Reviews helps to breakdown all the different dog crate options out there so you can make a simple, informed decision.

There are a lot of options out there for a dog crate, from soft dog crates to wire crates and wooden crates there are many options for many different types and sizes of dogs.


From the most basic fish bowl to the most extravagant aquariums, there are a lot of options available when buying a home for your fish. Only Reviews has tested the most popular aquariums on the market to bring you the best reviews on the market. Catering to varying levels of needs our reviewers have tried different sized aquariums and different specificities to ensure we cover all different types of aquariums including those with self-cleaning technologies, oxygen pumps and automatic feeders.

Cat Play Tower

Cats love to play and explore and a play tower is the perfect cat accessory to keep your feline entertained.

Only Reviews put a range of different cat play towers to the test so we could bring you an honest review of the best on the market. These multi-level towers come in a range of sizes with different elements including toys, hiding areas and bowls for feeding. When buying a cat play tower you should first consider the durability and stability as your cat will play with it a lot so it needs to be safe and withstand the scratching, secondly, it needs to provide the sufficient level of entertainment and fit into your home with ease.

Pet Grooming Accessories

Different pets also need different grooming care and knowing how to groom your pet is vitally important. Some will need regular visits to the grooming salon and others will be fine with just a brush once a month, but it’s important to assess your pets needs and ensure you have the correct equipment to ensure they are healthy. Only Reviews can help you to decide what is the best pet grooming product for your pet with our helpful reviews. From dog brushes to nail trimmers for rabbits, Only Reviews has assessed some of the most popular pet grooming accessories on the market.

Pet Toys and Entertainment

Keeping your pet both mentally and physically fit its highly important. If you leave your pet at home when you go to work or head out for the day, it can be incredibly boring for them. This is why it is key to have a number of toys around the house for them to play with whilst you’re out.

When pets become bored, they have a tendency to chew and cause disruption to your home. this isn’t because they’re doing it on purpose, it’s a form of entertainment. Making sure you have lots of toys and distractions within the pet’s vicinity whilst your out can save your home from destruction.

Pet toys and entertainment are now highly popular and there are a whole manner of things you can buy for your pet. From indestructible balls to automatic ball-throwers for dogs, there are loads to keep your loved one happy.

Training & Behaviour Aids

Pet training devices can be instrumental in ensuring your dog or cat has the best housetraining possible. From taste deterrents to stop them chewing to leads and whistles, Only Reviews has put to the test some of the most effective pet training and behaviour devices currently on the market.

The first few weeks of pet training are usually hard but once your pet starts to learn and understand it will become second nature. Only Reviews can help you to train your pet with some of the best reviews for pet training products currently in the market, helping to make your life with a pet much happier.

Litter Boxes

Litter boxes are an essential produced for every house with animals, no matter how well trained they are to go outside its better to be safe than sorry. Only Reviews has reviewed many different litter boxes currently on the market to offer you the best advice on your next litter box purchase.

Our review team spends hundreds of hours online reading reviews from buyers all over the world to find out which of the products on offer have the best and longest service life. Before making that buying decision, read our reviews to learn more on how to make the best choice.

Only Reviews features so many more great product reviews and advice across all topics and products; from pet supply reviews to lighting reviews for your home, be assured that you can shop happily with the guidance of Only Reviews and our hundreds of real product reviews.

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