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Preparing delicious meals for both you and your family often means having the right products. Whether it’s that sweet cup of coffee or that fried chicken, OnlyReviews offers information on everything you need to know about various kitchen products from deep fat fryers to electric grill pans. Now you can spend less time worrying and more time cooking.

A Guide to Buying Kitchen Products

With the numerous styles, features, and quality in the manufacturing of kitchen appliances comes the tiresome and exhausting task of choosing the best kitchen appliances for your newly set up kitchen. Even if you are on a small budget the looks of your kitchen must be guaranteed with the selection you make when it comes to shopping. Knowing that the appliances you choose are the workhorses for your kitchen can make informed decisions. Right appliances will augment the look and functionality of your kitchen.

What To Consider

Choosing the right appliances puts several must-do points which when looked down on will see a waste of either budget or space – something you probably don’t want to get to. Here are a few tips to get you started in planning before you make a visit to your appliances shop.

Layout and Measurements

Probably you thought budget would be first. But no you are wrong as the first consideration is layout and measurements of your kitchen. Keeping the budget first will see you wasting a lot of space. There is no happiness in buying appliances that won’t fit the design and size of your kitchen. Measure the current space of your kitchen and consider its design before embarking on the purchase of appliances. If you are doing repairs or upgrades to existing appliances, search for the serial number of the appliances to get the exact measurements before purchasing.


After finding the correct dimensions and style you need for your appliances, go for your budget now. Kitchen appliances are not cheap. Every coin you spend on buying your kitchen stuff must prove value upon functioning. As much as you may go for the ‘cheaper’ appliances because of your budget, do not forget to check the quality. Remember you are looking for something you will use for over 10 years so quality does matter. Yes, quality matters and you should be ready to spend on your appliances’ purchase.


You will need a list of the projected functions of your kitchen for this. Different appliances serve different functions and some do share functions. Do you use gas or electricity? What is your family size, what do you cook and how often? Such questions should fill your list for functions of your kitchen. Do you need a water dispenser or a refrigerator? Remember some functions can be performed by one appliance, this may save your budget.


Whether they are new appliances or upgrades to existing ones, your style should match your fun levels. With the many brands in the market, style is key to getting something that will make you enjoy while cooking.

Top Tips for Selecting Kitchen Appliances

After taking you through the factors to consider, I am sure insights will move you another step. Here is what to put first when selecting your…


Deciding on which dishwasher to purchase ultimately depends on the capacity. How much capacity and how often will you be using it are the top questions to influence your choice. Check for dishwashers with low power consumption marks, less water usage and those with noise reduction techniques.

Washing Machines

With washing machines, the least you can land on is the classic washer-dryer. This, however, does not mean that you limit your search, several other factors should be considered before landing for the best decision. Your type of power weather gas or electricity must be considered before selecting your washing machine. The heat pump dryers are more energy-efficient and should be considered over electric ones. Also, look for washers with larger water level control capacities which will help you minimize water usage.


Think about the size of your family and the perishables you have before choosing the type of refrigerator to purchase. If you have a bigger family and cook fresh meals regularly then you will need a more capacity refrigerator. It is advisable to take one square foot for every family member when considering the size of the refrigerator. Refrigerators with a freezer at the top of the unit are considered to be energy efficient and should be considered.


Coming to ovens, one of the key deciding factors is the look. It is also important to consider your cooking style and expertise level. Your source of energy also determines your best fit of oven. Above all your budget dictates the type of oven you choose. If you love cooking, spice your love for the dishes with induction or gas ranges and convection ovens.


A sink is an afterthought for some kitchens. Although it’s a good idea to select one that matches your cabinetry if you opt for an under-mount style. Sinks come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are made with different materials including steel, iron, and fiberglass. Consider the use of your sink before making a purchase. Will you wash and prep in the same place? How tall are you and what depth do you want your sink to be?


Do you prefer electric, gas or induction? How much heat do you lose from the banner to the pan? Ask about British Thermal Units (BTU) when shopping for cooktops. BTU is a measurement for energy content and preferable cooktops range from 9,200 BTU and up.

Buy Smart

When you are buying your appliances, choosing your retailer wisely. The representative at the appliance store should be knowledgeable about the types of appliances on the market and be able to issue their views too. Complicated installation requirements can also be solved with retailers.

Knowing where and when you should buy your appliances helps a great deal in minimizing your expenditure. Look out for seasonal dates and promotional discounts to cut off your budget and still get quality appliances. Be sure to look for the energy star rating on the appliances you are purchasing to ensure they are better for energy efficiency. You are well equipped now! Check your kitchen space, prepare your budget and head on to the appliance store. Happy shopping.

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