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Home & Kitchen Product Reviews

After a long strenuous day, home is where we retire to rejuvenate and relax. Moreover, the kitchen always holds a special place in our hearts. A house and kitchen is only as good as the products. Here at OnlyReviews you will find all the products you need to make your home and kitchen a fun place to spend your time.

Home Appliances

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A Guide to Buying Home Products

Home is where the heart is, but it can take years for a house to become a home. From a spring clean to redecorating and remodelling your home, there is a lot you can do to help your home become a place you love to return every day. At Only Reviews, we’ve got some of the best advice and reviews for all your home and kitchen needs. From the best fans to keep your home cool in the summertime to vacuum cleaners that have been tried and tested by homeowners around the country, Only Reviews can help you to make sure your home is as perfect as can be.

Other than just cleaning your house and clearing bushes around your compound, the equipment in your house should look great. This will involve making repairs and looking for cracks in the walls and roofs. The flooring and wall paints must be checked and maintained regularly to experience the best out of your house. Most people will tell you how to maintain a home but when it comes to reasons for the maintenance, they will fail to give reasons. Coming to facts, here are the top reasons why home maintenance is important.

Why Home Maintenance Is Important

Home Maintenance Increases The Value Of Your Home

Other than upgrades and innovations in your home, the other effective way of increasing the value of your home is to maintain it. For an easy way to keep you on track, considering you were to sell your home tomorrow, will it impress the buyer? If your house is not maintained, it will impose extra costs on the buyer, leading to them asking for discounts. If that is the projected result, then the maintenance of your home should be added on your to-do list.

On the other hand, maintaining your home will have its value increased and you will demand more from your customer. This means that maintaining your home increases its value.

Home Maintenance Saves You Money In The Long Run

Aging and wearing out are the biggest challenges of assets. To counter this property should be well maintained and important repairs made on time. An old pipe that is replaced way before it bursts helps minimize the cost and prevent lumpsum replacement costs. Every coin you spend on maintenance goes way up to save more worth on damages and repairs which you could make. It is easier to deal with problems at the time of their emergence rather than waiting for them to develop into hazardous conditions.

Home Maintenance Improves Your Living Experience

Living in a house that is greatly furnished, with great furniture inside and does not spew dust is a better experience than having a messy house. Regular maintenance of your home will boost your living experience and stay in general. You will no longer be irritated by the noise of a creaky door. The cleaning machines will work quietly giving you peace of mind and an easy stay.

Moreso, maintenance boosts your confidence and integrity in every part of your house. You will feel safe and comfortable if all your doors are in good condition, plus your valuables will be safe.

Home Maintenance Helps Scare Away Pests

It is clear and inarguable that the number of pests in a house is directly proportional to the poor maintenance of the same house. If there are cracks on your walls small bugs from your messy neighbor’s house will find a direct highway to your house – their new home. Rats as well will find a perfect stay in your house if you fail to cover holes on the walls.

Home Maintenance Protects Your House From Secondary Damage

Previous damages that have occurred in your house, if not addressed on time and in a keen manner, may lead to secondary damages. For example, when your water pipes burst out, they may flow water into the walls making them weak and prone to cracking. similarly, the water can get into electrical sockets and outlets and cause a stalemate.

A lot of such damages in your house will definitely lead to you incurring more charges when repairing. Regular maintenance will help you detect such messes in time and address them accordingly thus minimizing costs for repairs.

Home Maintenance Reduces Energy Consumption

Your home has the hardest task of keeping you comfortable every day, week and year. This consumes a large amount of energy, especially if it is less maintained. Turning off your lights and maintaining a moderate temperature in the house is just not enough, there still could be preventable energy loss. To save this energy, regularly check your home’s windows and doors for cracks and gaps that could lead to energy loss and fix them. Test your heating systems to ensure they are working efficiently. In doing this, you will be helping the world by saving energy in your house as well as cut down power costs.

Home Maintenance Boosts Your Confidence

Nothing boosts confidence more than a well-maintained home. Whether it is a new dining set you have installed or it is new roofing, you will always want someone to notice it. With a new door, you will always be sure your valuables are safe and any visitor will be glad to enter. Having a well-maintained home will boost your confidence wherever you go and you will be ready to receive visitors from all spheres without fear.

Home Maintenance Reduces Stress

Whether you like it or not, the deep truth is your house must be repaired and upgraded with time. The tasks involved in repairs and upgrades are enough to blow your mind up. Regular maintenance minimizes the projects you have to address by breaking them into achievable tasks. Make a plan of all the tasks you have to do and keep track as soon as you fix them. After this is done, peace of mind will be at your court. Your home will be clean, safe and comfortable all through.

Home Maintenance Changes Your Life for The Better

Regular improvements and upgrades on your house move your living experience from one level to the other. Home maintenance activities lead to more advanced solutions to the problems in your house thus raising your standards of living. Activities of improving your home do not only contribute to the visual appearance of your house but also lets you live to the fullest of the moment.

Where Do I Start?

Now that you are convinced of the importance of home maintenance, I am pretty sure you have made a decision to start maintaining your home. Where do I start and what do I maintain? Good question. Maintaining your home keeps you safer and healthier. In a well-maintained home, you are less likely to develop unhealthy complications resulting from the environment.

For effective maintenance, your checklist does not have to be overwhelming. Here are the key factors to consider when maintaining your home.

Control Dust

Dust can be a serious health hazard. The feces of dust mites and eir skeletons, contained in dust can cause serious respiratory conditions if not controlled. Dust may also carry chemicals and harmful items such as pesticides which may be irritating to the nose. Use a damped cloth when dusting since the dust will better adhere to the cloth. Throw rugs should also be washed regularly to prevent dust accumulation.

Check The Windows and Walls

If not well maintained, both windows and walls can be a source of health problems. Cleaning and inspecting of walls should be part of a person’s routine in home maintenance. Check doors and windows and replace any caulking to prevent drafts and entry of excess moisture into the house. Cracked window pens should be repaired or replaced. Regularly check the walls for evidence of cracks which may serve entry to bugs and insects into your house. Other than that, ensure you use insecticides to scare away insects which may tend to find refuge in your house.

Control Moisture

Moisture results in mold which if not dealt with, may cause serious health conditions. Additionally, moisture attracts rodents and pests into your house. To reduce such risks, repair broken sinks and water pipes as soon as you detect a fault in them. When cooking and showering, use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to reduce humidity. If you do not have exhaust fans, keep your windows open. Leaking roofs can increase moisture in the house and should be fixed immediately.

Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems work by controlling the circulation of either hot or cold air through the house. The systems can become a conductor of pollution by letting in ‘dirty’ air into the house. Replacement of filters and cleaning of the vents takes an essential part in home maintenance. climate control systems should also be regularly maintained to prevent performance losses and breakdowns.

Clean The Air Filters

Air filtration is an overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Air conditioning systems won’t function well in cloggy and dirty filters. Dirty filters can lead to breakdowns in the air conditioning systems, or even in extreme cases break out a fire. Portable air filtration systems also have filters that are prone to dirt and clogging. Cleaning filters is easy and can possibly keep pollution out of the air in your home. Remove the filters and shake them clean then return them correctly in place. In extreme dirt cases, filters can be brushed off then washed. Cleaning of filters should be done outside to avoid the circulation of dirt in the house. You should clean your filters at least once a month.

Keep Floors Vacuumed

Dirt, fur other contaminants can stick in the carpets and cause health hazards to persons in your house. Vacuuming of carpets keeps of these contaminants. Carpets should be cleaned at least twice a week with a vacuum cleaner. Remove shoes before stepping on the carpets sine shoes can trap literally anything that has been stepped on.

Give The House A Bath

The exterior of your house gives an impression to visitors and passers-by from a distance. Ensure the outside of your house is in good condition and clean it timely. The roofing and walls should be checked regularly to detect issues before they turn to be disasters. The gutters collect rainwater which is used by the home and therefore should be kept clean always. Repair faulty gutters to ensure maximum collection of water from the roof.

Check On Safety Appliances

Other than visual impression, another purpose of maintaining your home is to enhance safety. The safety appliances should not be looked down on when maintaining your home. Inspect the fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good condition. The inspection does not require much other than ensuring the extinguishers have easy access and the gauges indicate adequate pressure. If there are any visible signs of wear and tear, replace the extinguishers.

Other than fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors play an important role in ensuring the safety of your home. The detectors have a test button to test the functionality. If on pressing the button the alarm sounds you are good to go. However, if the alarm fails to sound, replace the batteries. If after replacing the batteries the alarm does not sound you will likely need a repair or replacement.

Maintenance plays a key role in ensuring safety and comfort at your home. Other than just the house, the whole compound should be maintained on a regular basis. Bushes can lead to inhibition of pests which may be dangerous. Clear bushes around your house and dispose waste properly. Drainage also, if faulty could cause hazardous health conditions. Stagnant waters could serve mosquitoes a breeding ground. Stagnation of dirty water can also cause diseases like cholera.

Whilst this list is intensive and has covered almost everything you should consider on home maintenance, all does not stop there. Several other factors must be considered during home maintenance. Summer maintenance is different from spring home maintenance.

Best Portable Dishwashers 

At Only Reviews, we’ve tested and reviewed the best portable dishwashers on the market, so you can buy yours with confidence.

Dishwashers can make a world of difference to your daily routine, helping you to manage your family’s meal times and ensure that you’re never overloaded with dirty dishes.

When it comes to practicality, investing in a high-quality portable dishwasher is a must. Portable dishwashers can be used in the home, outdoors, when travelling and are perfectly compact for smaller kitchens paces.

We’ve made choosing the right dishwasher nice and easy, with reviews covering overall convenience, product features, energy efficiency and functionality.

So, whether you’re in search of a dishwasher for a small household, or one that the whole family can use (even the kids), we’ve got you covered.

Browse the best portable dishwashers here, tested by our experienced and knowledgeable team of product reviewers.

Best Sewing Machines

Browse the best sewing machines on the market at Only Reviews. Our team has been busy testing a selection of the top sewing machines for your home, so you can consider the pros and cons before you choose.

Sewing machines can be one of the most useful items to have in your home, making stitching a faster and easier process for your household.

We understand that when it comes to sewing machines, there are a wide range of factors to consider before you commit to buying. So, we’ve tested and reviewed the features of each product for you.

From size and price, to portability, storage, ease and effectivity, you’ll find the right sewing machine for your home with our reviews here.

Whether you’re after a machine that covers the basics, or one to invest in for the long-term, we’ve found a product perfect for everyone in search of the best sewing machines.

Best Smart Garage Door Controllers

If you’re looking for the best smart garage door controllers, look no further than our reviews of high quality, tested controllers.

At Only Reviews, we’ve been busy testing and reviewing the best smart garage door controllers on the market, so you can choose which is right for your household to buy.

When it came to picking the best controllers, we were looking for a simple installation process, the ability to send alerts and open and close the garage door from any location.

We chose our favourite controller because it has a high-quality construction, it is simple to install and allows users to control the garage door using a handy mobile app.

Taking budgets into consideration, we also picked a most affordable and effective smart garage door controller, so our readers can feel confident buying a controller that is also great value for money.

Browse the best smart garage door controllers here.

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