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Home DIY

For the avid DIY enthusiast, nothing beats that free time over the weekend where you can finally turn that concept into reality. Whether it’s making your home bar or an outdoor couch, the right tools are key to a successful project. At OnlyReviews we offer only the best home DIY tools to help you create amazing works of art.

A Guide to Buying Home DIY Products

If you are a ‘do it yourself’ person, then this piece will interest you, however, this does not mean new DIY enthusiasts are left out. DIY projects are a great way to save money or do fun activities with the family.

There are countless DIY projects for both newbies and experienced DIY fans. But settling on the best projects may be hard, join me as we go through important tips to consider when fining the best DIY project as well as explore various DIY projects.

How to Find the Best DIY Project


One of the most important factors to consider before selecting a DIY project is your skill level, some projects require advanced skills while others do not. Consider the level of skill required and work towards sharpening your skills, for instance you could start with learning the basics by working on smaller projects.

Availability and Cost of Materials

Besides being a fun activity, DIY projects are also intended to save on the cost. Find out the availability of the materials needed for the project, you could start by using items around your house. With DIY projects you can make use of anything lying around, old newspapers, yarn, cardboard or wood.

Additionally, find out how much it will cost you to buy more materials, will you need to go out of town, and are there transport costs to think about? These questions will guide you on deciding the best project for you.


Another key factor to consider when selecting a project is time spent. Some projects will take months, while other will take a few hours. How much time are you willing to spend on your project, how will the project change your schedule and are you willing to make such changes?

In addition, time is a great factor to help guide you on the best time to get started on projects.


What is the purpose of your project? Are you saving money, looking to sharpen a skill, spend more time with your family or maybe it is your way of unwinding. Find out the purpose of your project, for instance if you are looking forward to spending more time with your family, consider picking a project such as a tree house, additionally if you are using the project as a hobby consider projects such as craft, decorating the house or even planting a flower or herbs garden.

Now that you have key pointer to help you select the best DIY project, here are a few ideas that could help you decide further.

DIY Ideas

Loft Bed

DIY projects are a great way to help utilize small spaces and building a loft is one easy but also space friendly task. A loft bed lifts the mattress leaving space where one can set up an office, playing area for your kids or even create more storage space.

Materials needed for a loft bed include hardwoods, boards, screws, washers, a saw, a ladder, a tape measure, a carpenter’s pencil, paint, paint brush and masks. The size and length of the boards and hardwood will depend on the size of the mattress.

To begin this project, measure the size of your mattress, this will guide you when making the necessary cuts on the wood and boards. After shaping the woods and boards paint the materials in an open and a properly ventilated area, the final step is assembling the parts.

The entire project may cost approximately $600 and will take around 10 hours.

Caution; before embarking on this DIY project it is important to acquaint yourself with carpentry skills as it will require you to have advanced skills. A great way to achieve this would be working on a less advanced DIY project.

Which brings us to our next project.

Wooden Shoe Storage Rack

A shoe storage rack would be a good carpentry project to help you sharpen your carpentry skills. Items needed for this project include: wood, make use of wooden boxes lying around your house or in the storage room. You will also need nails, a hammer, saw, tape measure, and paint.

The procedure, there are several shoe rack designs to choose from, after selecting your desired style, cut the wood into desired sizes. Secondly paint your wood and finally assemble them together. Have your house in order by trying out this easy and fast DIY project.

Flower Garden

Who says you need to be a florist to have your desired flower garden, a DIY flower garden is not only an easy project but is also refreshing and will bring life and joy to your home. For a flower garden, first, select your location, will the flower bed be on the backyard or front yard? Select areas around your home that receive sunlight. Most flowers require a minimum of six hours under the sun to flourish.

Secondly, pick out the kind of flowers you want to plant, you may decide to start with one type of flower, or have color around your home by planting several types. The third step is digging the surface, in this step make the project fun by designing the size and shape of the flower garden, you may have a rectangular, circular, triangular or even a start shaped garden.

Additionally, you could also make a flower garden without digging by using various materials or cans. Garden can are a great way to change the look of the house but also reduce the working hours. Cans are also ideal for a simpler flower garden and will bring that modern feel to your home.

Best DIY Tools


One important tool to add to your DIY toolbox is a hammer, a hammer is not only effective in small DIY projects but larger projects. While buying a hammer consider the 16-ounce hammer, this size hammer can be used for both light-weight or tough projects.

Utility Knife versus Scissors

While a pair of scissors will help you in opening a box or trimming a wallpaper. A utility knife allows you to work on bigger projects and is also safe. A utility knife is designed to ensure the user does not harm themselves. Besides opening or trimming a wallpaper, a utility knife can also be used to make notches on a board or trim wood.

Pliers versus Adjustable Pliers

Many DIY projects require gripping, making pliers an essential tool. Pliers can also be used to loosen bolts, removing nails or even holding wires together. There are several types of pliers all designed to perform different tasks, however, for a simpler DIY project a basic 5 set pliers kit should help with the project. The 5 set goes for around $ 40, however, for more commercial uses the adjustable pliers are preferred. The adjustable pliers have a wider jaw that can open up to 2 inches, this set of pliers also has a firmer grip compared to the ordinary 5 set pliers making it ideal for larger projects or commercial uses.

Handsaw versus Power Saw

A handsaw is ideal for making quick woodcuts, is light and versatile making it easy to use on home DIY projects such as a treehouse or the loft bed. This is in comparison to a power saw which is heavier and less effective on smaller projects.

A power saw or circular saw is ideal for commercial projects as it cuts through wood faster. There are two types of power saws, cordless and corded, despite being versatile, cordless power saws are in constant need of battery change making it ineffective and expensive. Experts recommend the corded power saw as it saves on cost.

The average cost for a power saw is around $120 to $150.

Adjustable wrench

A lot of DIY projects will involve nuts and bolts, you will need a wrench to tighten or loosen these bolts. If you are working on smaller projects, you may buy a six-inch wrench. However, for more commercial uses consider using the adjustable wrench. The adjustable wrench has a better grip making it ideal for different size nuts and bolts.

Investing in an adjustable wrench will save that extra cost when you require small repairs such as plumbing services or maybe you want to build a deck.


Useful for both small and large projects a drill is a must-have tool in your toolbox. A drill is effective in making holes in various sizes.

There are also two types of drills, cordless and corded. A cordless drill is, however, better, as it is lighter and versatile compared to the corded drill.

Other important tools include:

Screws and nuts, a tape measure, a carpenter’s pencil, flashlight, plumbers tape, duct tape, painters tape, and electrical tape and putty knife.

DIY projects are not only fun but cost-effective, the next time you have wood boxes lying around or cardboard boxes, or maybe you want to decorate your room with wallpapers do not shy away from trying it yourself. Selecting your net DIY project has been made easier, find out how much you are willing to spend, how much time or the intentions for the project, this simple guide will help you in making the right decision ensuring you enjoy the process.

Our reviews are designed to make the Home DIY process a little easier, by ensuring that you buy the correct tools and materials that you need to do a good job.

Check out all of our Home DIY reviews to make sure that you’re equipped to take on your next project successfully.

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