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Health & Beauty Product Reviews

Long gone are the days that a beauty regime consisted of nothing more than rouge, water and soap. Beauty products are innovating at the same rate that technology is advancing – and we’re struggling to keep up with it all!

Health & Beauty Product Reviews

Beauty technology is a big business, and it’s easy to get lost in all of the ‘essential’ products breaking into the market. Skincare is one of the most influenced areas of this advancement.

Facial brushes, epilators, and even face lift machines are quickly becoming staple pieces in every beauty lover’s arsenal. Only Reviews are here to help all budding beauty enthusiasts to conquer the curious world of modern beauty products.

Facial Cleansing Brushes

Facial cleansing brushes have been incredibly popular in recent years, with beauty guru’s everywhere advocating for their favourites. We like to take special care of the skin on our face as it’s often the most sensitive skin to treat – so cleansing brushes need to be especially trustworthy.

The rumour mill has been generating a bad rep for cleansing brushes since their debut, making claims of imbedding bacteria and instigating breakouts. However, there’s tons of evidence to suggest they’re a great investment for your complexion.

Cleansing brushes stimulate lymphatic drainage – which means that they encourage the blood to extract and eliminate cellular waste. The result is glowing skin, fewer breakouts, and a radiance that you just can’t achieve with manual brushes.

One of the biggest decisions that need to be made when purchasing a facial cleansing brush is whether or not to opt for a sonic model. ‘Sonic’ models are just those which use oscillating bristles, this simply means that they vibrate rather than rotate. Oscillating models come in at a higher price point, but are certainly worth the extra investment. Rotating brushes can drag on the skin and cause irritations – they’re risky for any skin type, but a complete no-go for sensitive skin.

The best facial brushes on the market will come equipped with a variety of settings. The most notable being the amount of different brush heads available. The brush heads accommodate different skin types, so someone with dry skin might not use the same head as those with oily skin.

Different numbers of bristles in different densities and patterns can ensure that the brush targets the correct skin complications. A newer addition to the facial brush world is the silicone brush. These are better for very sensitive skin – the soft silicone can remove bacteria from pores without the effect of over-exfoliating.

Facial cleansing brushes can come with a range of speed settings, most only have two or three which is all you really need. The speed settings can make it easier to cleanse problem areas such as the T-zone. Using a slower vibration is generally kinder to skin.

If you’re still unsure about the best facial cleansing brush for your skin type, head to a store with a big beauty department. Skincare experts are specially trained to detect potential skincare issues that you might need to prevent and treat. However, be cautious of salespeople trying to push you towards unnecessarily expensive models.

Microcurrent Face Lift Machines

The future of beauty is heading towards products that give dermatologist results with a DIY method. Say goodbye to going under the knife, there are plenty of far less invasive solutions to ageing – and now they don’t even require expensive trips to the dermatologist!

Microcurrent treatment has been available at specialist’s practices for some time now, with many swearing by results. However, now the equipment is freely available on the market at the cost of just a couple of treatments! They can still be pricey though, especially from luxury brands. So, how can you decide which model to invest in?

These clever little devices send currents back and forth over the skin to tighten and lift. Similar devices are used for facial paralysis and sports injuries, and so they’re known to be quite effective.

When purchasing, you need to ensure that the device has adjustable current intensity as your skin might not be used to the practice. Think of it as a workout for your face, you might feel adverse effects if you jump straight to a high intensity!

It’s advisable to go with a widely-praised model, with all products you should look out for reviews, but these devices should definitely be researched thoroughly. The most expensive models aren’t necessarily the best for your skin, don’t shell out too much on this pretence!

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