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We’ve all had that experience at the supermarket where we can’t seem to settle on a grocery item. The decision to pick the best can be daunting especially if you have limited information. At OnlyReviews we’ve evaluated multiple groceries on the market and narrowed down our search to only the best. Now you can enjoy the finest tastes from only the best grocery items available.

A Guide to Grocery Buying

The Only Reviews team have spent hours testing and reviewing grocery items in order to provide our readers with the best reviews and information. Our expert team covers all basis of grocery reviews from fresh food to store cupboard essentials – Only Reviews can provide an in-depth review so you can make the best purchasing decision.

From baby food reviews to oil and snacks we have tried and tested many items on the market. Only the best performing and top-quality products were selected for our reviews. Find out exactly what to look for when shopping for your products at Only Reviews.

Baby food

There are so many options when it comes to buying baby food from formulas to solid food and everything in between, Only Reviews has a selection of thorough reviews that will help you next time you purchase baby food.

Babies need a lot of nutrients in their diet as their bodies and brains are developing so much in a short space of time. For this reason, the best baby foods are rich in iron for the right brain and body development. You will also learn to pick foods that actually have vegetable content in them through the reviews buying guide.

Read our review on these top picks to learn more. The whole process took over a week in order to provide parents with the best possible information.

Beer, Wine and Spirits

Only Reviews has tested some of the best beer, wines and spirits currently available in grocery stores. Our reviews offer the finest selection of beverages for your every need, from hosting a party to a special date-night we compiled some of the best alcohol reviews to ensure your drink is nothing but spectacular.

Our reviews feature some of the most prominent brands on the beverage market including Heineken, Cîroc and Jack Daniels as well as featuring some of the most unique and rare wines and spirits available. Our reviews feature everything from taste to cost and availability to ensure your next beverage purchase is the best.

Tinned Food

From tinned tomatoes to tinned soup and even tinned fruit, Only Reviews has tested the most common tinned items currently available on the market to ensure your next tinned food purchase is delicious.

The varying brands all offer a different taste so our reviewers have tasted them all so you don’t have to. We furthermore spoke with other consumers to assess what they believed was the most important aspect of tinned food and incorporated this into our reviews.

Oils, Vinegar and Salad Dressing

When it comes to oils, vinegar and salad dressing there is so much on the market to choose from and it can be nearly impossible to know which one is best for you.

From organic items to well-known brands the team at Only Reviews has tested some of the most popular and new items that are essentials in every family home. Our buying guide allows you to easily select the best products for you based on our comprehensive advice. Our expert reviewers spent well over 200 hours testing the different varieties on the market to provide you with a detailed review.


Seasoning is an essential ingredient for your grocery shopping, and you should have a range of different spices in your cupboard. Only Reviews has taste tested some of the most common and unusual spices we believe should be in your cupboard. Our reviewers have spent our testing different products and conferring with other chefs and home cooks to give you’re the most comprehensive reviews.

From herb seasoning to curry powders and spice mixes, we have tested a whole range of different seasoning products that will help your food elevate to the next level. Trust our reviews to help you make delicious dishes and take our advice when buying your next pot of seasoning.


From your toast in the morning to your mid-day sandwich, spreads both sweet and savoury are an important part of your diet.

Only Reviews has tested some of the most popular and unusual spreads currently available on the market so the next time you’re in need of something new, our reviews will help you decide.

From jams and marmalades to marmite and peanut butter, trust Only Reviews to give you the most honest advice from a range of expert reviewers.

Cake and Sweat Treats

Whether you like to make your cakes and sweet treats yourself or like to purchase them already prepared – Only Reviews has some of the best reviews to help you make the right decision when it comes to cakes and confectionary. From baking ingredients to cakes, pies and trifles – the Only Reviews team have taste-tested a whole range of items that are sure to give you a helping hand.

Our reviewers furthermore spoke to some of the best chefs and home cooks to understand their needs when it comes to sweet treats, so we incorporated their views into our reviews to give you the most comprehensive reviews of items currently on the market.

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee is an essential part of our diet and many will rely on these beverages to get us through the day but what makes certain brands and products stand out from the crowd.

From instant coffee to herbal tea and classic tea we have reviewed some of the most popular and unusual tea and coffee products currently on the market. Our taste tests will help you to decide what tea and coffee you purchase next as we have assessed everything from price to cost and ingredients so you can find the best tea and coffee of your life.

Our grocery reviews incorporate everything from store cupboard essentials to cakes and jams to ensure that whatever your grocery needs we have you covered.

The Only Reviews team have been taste testing for weeks, days and hours to find the best items just for you. Our reviews come from real people and are completed in partnership with other reviewers, experts and those who like to cook a lot. Take a look at grocery reviews and make the best purchase with our help!

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