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The garden is an extension of our homes and brings the beauty of nature straight to our living environment. To keep your garden lush and the flowers in bloom, OnlyReviews offers you the best in gardening information and products so you can turn your living area into a living spectacle.

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A Guide to Buying Garden Products

The outdoor garden has a lot of things to savor. Green plants, beautiful flowers, crawling and flying insects, and ultimately the open skies, are just a few motivators for you to take great care of it. We enjoy the outdoor garden by using it wisely, and one of the ways to maximize its benefits is through placing and using comfortable garden furniture. Furniture will provide you with a dining area, reading space, and generally relaxing. There are many garden furniture pieces you can use to furnish your outdoors. Take a look.

A Guide to Garden Furniture


Tables will work as dining areas for your family. This piece of furniture must come in a durable material that works well with the weather of your place.


Garden chairs provide places to sit comfortably. You need a bigger number of seats and so, you’ll need those that match one another while they fit well in the environment. Depending on the space in your garden, you’ll need them next to the pool, in the garden, on the decks and patios.


Benches are for sitting, but can also be decorative features of the garden as well. A small garden will work well with benches rather than sofas or chairs. They are narrower and will occupy a smaller space.


If you are lucky to have a large outdoors, sofas will work great as sitting and relaxing furniture. They are way more comfortable than chairs and benches but occupy a bigger space in your outdoors.

Chaise Lounge

For extra comfort, acquire a chaise lounge. They also occupy a big space depending on the designs.


They are the best for small spaces because they can be utilized multiple as chairs and tables.

You can only enjoy what you have in your outdoors. The furniture we’ve mentioned above can benefit you if you purchase and place them in the garden. But the buying process is not always easy as it might sound. There are considerations you have to put in place to not only get furniture that is comfortable but one that will last many years to come. And here at Only Reviews, we are going to help you choose suitable chairs for your outdoors.

Things to Consider


Looking at the conditions of your local weather is a top priority. Do you live in the highlands or close to the coast? Is it always hot there? How often does it rain? What about the wind? And the cold? All these queries need answers before you can buy outdoor furniture. Furniture from regular softwood can splinter in hot weather, the rain will raise chances of metal furniture rusting, winds will blow away aluminum furniture, while cold moist weather enhances corrosion.


After finding out your local weather, you’ll get recommendations of the best material that can survive there. You will also have to factor in your ability to take care of them, and the look the furniture provides in your space. Furniture that comes from resin, teak, and aluminum doesn’t require a lot of constant care. On the other hand, wrought iron can withstand a lot of weather abuse. The material you choose will determine if you will carry out regular painting, wiping, or thorough cleaning.


Outdoors come in all manner of shapes and sizes. You, therefore, have to consider where you are going to place your furniture. Is it on the patio, a wide deck, narrow veranda, or the open garden? The furniture needs to occupy reasonable space to be left with enough space to move around. If your space is small, choose a bench, stools, or bar tables. If you have a big space, then feel free to buy a full dining set, buy lounges and sofas.


Where do you plan to position your furniture? Do you have a covering over the place or it is in the open? Look at the surfaces you are going to place the furniture – grass, soil, paved, cemented, wooden surfaces. If moisture is on the ground, then softwoods are not good. Metals will also rust in a similar place. Sometimes you’ll have to buy extra stuff like an umbrella or a tent to cover your seats if the weather is hostile.


How do you plan to store the furniture? Some people keep them in the house, and only brings them out during use. In such a case, you should buy furniture that folds or dissembles. Buy covers if the weather allows you to cover them when not in use.


The cushions and fabric for outdoor furniture should come from weather resistant materials. Your indoor cushions and fabrics are comfortable, but they can’t last long in tough weather. They will easily soak, grow mold, and wear down. Those designed to work outdoors will not absorb water, will not fade easily, and are UV protected. When picking furniture, ensure the textiles are removable to get them in when the weather is bad.


The reason you are buying outdoor furniture is for comfort. As a result, you have to consider various aspects that make them cozy. They should be spacious, have cushions, and pillows. The material they use needs to be weather resistant. Also consider buying recliners, lounges, day beds, hammocks, and rockers for relaxing.


How much are you willing to spend on your outdoor furniture? That is what will determine the kind of seats you will buy. But it is important to note that you should be willing to spend as much as possible to get the best the industry can offer. To take advantage of various seasons during the year to get affordable prices on good quality outdoor furniture. For instance, when the fall approaches, you can get splendid patio furniture at reduced costs. Furniture that comes from materials like resin, aluminum, and some woods come affordably. You can also get deals in thrift shops and yard sales. When it comes to replacing them, try changing cushions and pillows while you repair them.

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