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DIY & Tools Reviews

A basic DIYers toolbox contains everything you might need to tackle more than half of the tasks in your home.

You want your toolbox, however small, to contain all you might need whenever you want to make home improvements or repair broken stuff.

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A Guide to Buying DIY and Tools Products

If you are going to properly complete your work, you’ll need to choose the right tools. It takes time and money to have a complete set of DIY tools.

However, if you are going to use something just once, it is better if you rent it. The one to buy should be those you can use at least once every year.

As usual, Only Reviews will help you get the best of everything with our DIY tools and reviews guide. Read on to see what you must include in your toolbox.

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Utility Knife

A utility knife will come in handy in most of your projects at home. You can use it to sharpen pencils, cut carpets, open boxes, cut ropes, scratch off stubborn stains from things and many others. You are better off if you purchase one with a rubber handle.

This feature will make it comfortable using this knife, even with hard tasks. Also, find one that has an in-built blade made of stainless steel.

A Tape Measure

When you want to make repairs on your furniture or you are working on how to fix things in your room, you’ll probably need a tape measure for accurate measurements.

If you want to buy blinds for your windows, you’ll need one too. Tape measures come in varying lengths and widths. The best ones would be long and with a wider width.

A wide tape measure will be easy to handle. The suggested 3/4 inch wide and 16 foot long tapes. These recommendations fit most tasks at home.

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Claw Hammer

A hammer is a must-have in all toolboxes. Without it, your DIY set would be incomplete.

You need a complete one with two ends; one for driving nails and the other to pull nails. There are many claw hammers out there, but a useful one will weigh one pound and have a 16-inch handle.

The handle can come in vinyl, rubber, or plastic. You need one that offers a firm grip with capabilities to absorb shock when you hit.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are another important part of a DIYers toolbox.

They are useful in repairing electronics, opening lids, opening sealed doors to compartments, among other uses. Most vendors sell them in kits where you’ll find varied head types including Phillips head and flat head.

Because you’ll be using your hands to work with them, ensure the handles are comfortable to hold to make the screwing and unscrewing process easier.

If you can get screwdrivers with magnetic tips, the better.

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A Flashlight or Torch

Flashlights are very useful in emergencies particularly during blackouts or when you are out camping. However, your toolbox should contain a dedicated torch for your tasks.

The right one will help you perform your duties when the room is poorly lit or there is no light at all.

You can buy a headlamp, work lamp, or an LED flashlight. You can choose those that are rechargeable or requiring disposable batteries.


If you need to cut anything from metals, wood, or plastic, a hacksaw must be in your toolbox.

They are useful in plumbing and furniture repair. There are various hacksaw sizes, but the secret is to choose for one that allows replacing of the blades.


Pliers are very versatile and very useful for DIY tasks. You can use them as clamps due to their locking abilities.

They can replace wire cutters. They can also stand in for wrenches. If you get a plier between 5-10W sizes, you’ll be set.


When you go out to purchase a wrench, invest in an adjustable wrench which will be the same as owning several of them. It will help you in plumbing, tightening and loosening bolts and nuts.

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Electric Drill

An electric drill is an indispensable tool in your toolbox. However, most people would borrow or rent drills. But if you are handy, getting yours will be a fulfilling exercise.

You can buy cordless alternatives or choose those you connect to a cord. Corded ones come cheaper but will limit you to work solely in places where you can connect to electric sockets.

They are also easier to maintain. The cordless drills come at a higher price tag but offer you convenience.

Their battery replacements are also an added cost you should consider. When you get one, it will be easier to drive screws, drill holes, stir the paint, among other activities. Buy a twelve-volt electric drill.

Spirit Level

A level will go a long way in helping you install stuff in straight horizontal lines. They also come in varied sizes, but a 4-foot level will be good for most people.

Also, Include:

There are other supplementary items you need in your toolbox. These items can make a big difference and so, are equally important.

A pencil will help in marking surfaces for accurate cuts. Gloves protect your hands when handling tough tasks.

Rags clean. Safety goggles protect your eyes. Superglue hold things together. Duct tape is key in most of the work you’ll do. Include them in your toolkit for better performance and avoidance of frustrations during work.

Orbital Buffers

Browse the best orbital buffers for polishing, buffing or sanding here at Only Reviews. We have tested and reviewed the top products on the market so you can buy the best orbital buffer for your car with confidence.

Orbital buffers are hand held power tools, used for buffing, polishing and sanding car surfaces for a smooth, shining finish. They are essential for car maintenance.

The car polisher machines can vary, so we’ve selected a range of orbital buffers and listed their pros and cons so you can choose which one is right for you.

Our selection of the best orbital buffers is based on qualities such as the best grip handles for comfort, variable speed, long lasting battery life, product price and overall effectiveness.

We’ve also found buffers that are available as a kit, so you’ll be equipped with everything from replacement carbon brushes, to loop sanding discs and loop backing pads.

Buying DIY tools is not a one time experience. Instead, you need a list of what to buy and then invest in one tool after the other depending on the demand and the money at hand. As you purchase them, ensure you have a place to store them.

You can set aside space in your garage, buy an actual toolbox, or have a dedicated drawer for them.

Some people have a workshop where they keep all their tools. It is important to have them in one place to avoid losing them. Also, arrange tools in order to make sure you quickly find a tool when you need it.

Ensuring that you only purchase the best quality tools means you’ll do a better job on your projects and avoid needing to re-purchase products unnecessarily. To help you to find the right tools at the right price, the Only Reviews team have been hard at work comparing the latest products against one another.

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