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Car Maintenance

As we use our cars on a daily basis, we expose them to wear and tear. Over time this can lead to poor performance and high maintenance costs. It is practical therefore, to maintain our vehicles in proper working condition. At OnlyReviews we offer you the top car maintenance products that will not only leave your car looking fresh and new but also help improve performance.

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A Guide to Buying Car Maintenance Products

Everyone wants their car to serve them longest; therefore, they go for the best car within their budget.

Do you know you can increase or decrease your car life span by the maintenance routine?

There are a lot of misconceptions about cars and maintenance; here, we will clear all the doubts and give you credible information.

It would be our joy that your car runs smoothly and serve you for a long time. In this article, we will highlight the essential maintenance practices and how to choose the best maintenance products in the market.

Best Practices when Maintaining Your Car

Routine maintenance is the sure way of keeping your car running smoothly. Make the following practices a routine and enjoy the ride.

Be Keen on Manufacturer’s Service Schedule

Manufacturers design cars to give you the best service. However, they know the materials wear and tear due to friction. Therefore, they set maintenance schedules based on the strength and agility of materials used.

Following the manufacturer’s schedule will save you the trouble of breakdown in the middle of the woods.

Keep Tires Inflated.

Inflated tires ensure a smooth ride. The car is stable when your tires are firm. Be sure not to exceed PSI specifications to avoid blowouts.

Always check for sagging tires, this is an indication of a deflated tire.

Check and Change Engine Oil and Regularly

Engine oil ensures your car engine runs smoothly. Most manufacturers recommend you check the oil every month. The regular checkup ensures you notice any oil leakage early enough.

Changing the oil after some time is very important. It ensures the oil is free from contaminants.

Manufacturers recommend an oil change every six months or 7500 miles. For cars that drive through rough terrain, harsh climatic conditions, or trailer towing, you take half the time or mileage to change the oil.

Wash the Car

A clean car is beautiful. Driving a clean car is just the right feeling.

When cleaning, ensure you remove all the road salt and dirt from the undercarriage. Clear the hose of any soot and dust. Wash your car weekly, or twice a week if you have time.

Wax your car regularly to maintain the lustre.

Always Take Your Car to a Reputable Mechanic

There are a lot of untrustworthy technicians out there. You know you need your car for mobility, and it should be in perfect conditions. Whenever you need professional mechanical help, go for the trusted professionals within your area. You will be sure your car is in safe hands, and you will get it back in great shape.

Check the braking system regularly

The braking efficiency of a car should never be compromised. You will need the emergency brakes when you least expect. Have the brakes checked monthly, and change them as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Heed Warning Signs

Modern cars are fitted with automatic warning signs whenever any part wears out. Screeching sound indicates a worn-out brake. Illuminating dashboard light is another sign that reminds you to seek mechanics help. Delaying mechanic’s visits can cause significant damage to your car. It may eventually be too expensive to repair.

Tips on Buying the Best Car Maintenance Products

The most basic maintenance practice done at home is washing your car. There are several items you need to buy. The tips below will help you get the best products that work for you.

2 Buckets and sponges

A large bucket will hold enough water for you to wash your car. Invest in two buckets. You will need one for soapy water and the other for freshwater.

The bottom of the car holds most of the dirt, and sometimes debris. Have two sponges, one for the upper body and the other one for the bottom. Choose a soft sponge or lamb wool pads to avoid scratching the paintwork.

Car Wash Liquid

The best car wash liquid should have a neutral pH. There are so many brands in the market with varying pH levels; each manufacturer will explain their reasons.

Neutral pH neutralizes the minerals present in the water. Your car will be free of hard water spots after cleaning.

Detail Spray

Your car may get dusty within the week. A good detail spray will help you get off the dust before the next wash day.

You can also use the spray during wash day to dry the car. It gives perfect shine while eliminating any watermarks and spots.

Window Cleaner

Windows and windscreen should be treated differently from the rest of the body.  A good window cleaner will ensure the windscreen maintain its clarity,

Do not use a detergent with alcohol or ammonia on tinted windows.

Polish and wax

These two items help in maintaining your car lustre. They also help conceal minor scratches from dust debris.

Trash Bag

It is one essential item most car owners ignore. Avoid littering your car by investing in a leak-proof trash bag. It protects the interior of the vehicle from damage and odors.

Headlight Renewal Kit

Over time, headlights become dull. A good headlight renewal kit will help you clean the headlights, and they become as good as new.

Automotive Vacuum Cleaner

Car interiors do not need water to clean; especially when the fabric is non-leather. You want to drive your car a few hours after you wash it.

A powerful vacuum cleaner with a long power cord will help you get car interior clean in minutes. There are many good vacuum cleaners in the market, get one within your budget to ease your car cleaning.

Wheel and tire Cleaner

A good tire cleaner has a neutral pH. Wheels get bake dust, road grime and dust quickly. Having the right wheel and tire cleaner will ensure the wheels maintain their shine, and the metallic parts do not corrode.

Most of the cleaning maintenance will be dome at home. So get yourself the necessary cleaning items, waxes, and detergents.

It is essential to take the car to the mechanic regularly. If you have some basic mechanical knowledge, have a few tools you can use for essential maintenance.

Finding the products that are best able to maintain your car and keep it at its best standard doesn’t need to be difficult. The Only Reviews team work hard to make sure that we equip you with all of the knowledge that you need to make an informed buying decision.

Check out our car maintenance reviews to see which products will offer you the best value at the best prices.

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