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Car Accessories

When making a car journey, whether it’s on a road trip or just visiting friends, you want to have a pleasant driving experience. At OnlyReviews you’ll find some of the best and most convenient car accessories to make your trip worthwhile.

A Guide to Buying Car Accessories

Let us face this fact, that without technological advancements, life on earth would definitely prove to be hard, as tasks would be done manually. And tasks would never be completed as quickly as we can do now.

What this means is that technological innovations are, without a doubt, the driving force to stay afloat in any industry- appliances, automobile, computer and information technology, cellular phones, transport and communication, name them.

In the car and automotive industry as a whole, technology has had a profound and lasting relationship with various aspects of manufacturing, safety, and the outside environment. It’s now pretty obvious that without constant innovation and technological advancement, our cars would be stuck somewhere in the past.

Now, if you’re looking to buy the best auto-parts for your car, you should first know what to look for, lest you’ll get a sub-standard item. Knowing what to look for is the first step towards choosing the best parts, you know?

What to Look for in Car Accessories?


For many decades, car headlamps have been universal, so much that it’s possible to virtually find a spare headlamp for any car at your local auto-spares store.

When buying headlamps, choose among those that can meet the standards of your car model. The headlamps should also produce whitish light at night and blue light during the day. This elevates the style of any vehicle.

Global Positioning Guide

These kits are convenient and they work so well in all vehicles. You only need to ‘’tell’’ your GPS where you’re driving to and it guides you up to the last turn. The best sat navs come with a whole range of features, some of which you can’t find on the phone. Frequent updates about a map you’re following means that the sat nav is correct. Also, the best sat nav models offer free camera alerts for safety, live traffic updates, and lane departure warnings to avert instances of collision.

Additionally, a good sat nav model has a Wi-Fi feature, or yet still, its SIM card. When it comes to buying one, those are the features to look for.


Airbags are universal lifesavers that works to prevent or reduce injuries in case a car is involved in a crash. Today, most car brands come with driver and passenger airbags, and side curtain airbags that trigger automatically in the event of an accident.

You know that you’re getting the best airbag model if it has a double-convoluted suspension that can withstand more weight. Also, check whether it has a rolling sleeve (air) suspension, and a conical tapered sleeve suspension.

Rear camera(s)

A few years ago, the only ways to know happenings behind your car was to use the rear windshield, or use your trusty side mirrors. Neither of these two approaches could make it possible to view the area that lies directly behind the car, which put children, pets, and other thigs at risk.

Thanks to technology, the story is different today- most car brands come with a 360-degree rear camera system that covers the area around the car. How do you know that you’re getting the best rear camera for your car? Well, check if its display monitor can provide you the best high resolution view. Also, check whether it’s water-resistant, and has low-light illumination.


Turbo systems have been in existence for many decades. When combined with more fuel, they give your car more cruising power. They can make small engines to perform like those ones in Subaru and Mercedes.

Fast forward to today, modern turbos are made of stronger metals, and are more refined as compared to the old ones. In order to choose the best turbocharger for your car, you will want to establish the power target and that it has a realistic horsepower. You should also check to ascertain that airflow is directly proportional to engine power. Those are the most critical goals when choosing the best turbocharger.

On-board Diagnostics Tool.

With technological advancements, possibilities are just endless. And just like computers are made with self-diagnostic tools, some cars come with on-board diagnostic systems that allow the driver or car technicians to find out what is wrong with their car.

Through the interpretation of special codes, you can know exactly why your engine broke down, and many other problems. A top-notch On-board Diagnostics scanner should have Bluetooth, more than 1-year warranty, and it should be compatible with Android and Windows operating systems.

Clutch Transmission System.

Basically, this innovation is an improvement of the traditional clutch, only that this one has no drawbacks. When choosing the best clutch transmission system, make sure to pick the dual-clutch one.

This version has two clutches in one system, whereby one clutch triggers gear 1, 3, and 5, while the other one triggers gear 2, 4, and 6 in the gearbox. This provides quicker gear shifts than the traditional manual clutch system.

This list is by no means exhaustive but the ones above are the most notable. You can add electronically-controlled vectoring differential, the smart key, tire pressure monitoring, Bluetooth integration tool, radar cruise control, and stability controller.

The tips below can help you to choose the best car accessories.

How to Choose the Best Car Accessories?


Why do you need a certain car accessory? Well, choosing the best car accessories ultimately depends on your needs- tastes, preferences, lifestyle, and your driving habits.

There are endless auto-parts at your disposal but you first of all need to determine your needs and the purpose you want them to serve. Categorize them based on their pros, cons and urgency. Simple!


The saying that ‘’cheap is expensive’’ also applies to shopping for car accessories. You should not get overboard no matter the intensity of the pinch you feel. What this means is that you should go for safety first, and then ornamental ones can wait a bit. Avoid going for cheap substandard accessories at all costs.


It is obvious that safety is one of the most important functions of your vehicle. Car accessories fall under the category of safety items, which means that safety should always be your priority. That said, make sure to prioritize first aid kit, airbags, alarm system, and flashlights.

If, however, you feel that your ride is good enough and up to standards, you can try exotic items such as hood shields and custom flares. Most ornamental car parts come with a whole lot of features including safety.

Seek Expert Advice

Automotive experts both online and offline can give you valuable insight into choosing the right auto-parts for your car. You can also visit your local auto shop to seek advice on the best innovative car accessories that are also affordable. Whichever route you choose to follow, it’s always important to be specific about the accessory you want for your car.

Whether you want to give your car a makeover or you’re just shopping for an auto-part accessory to replace a damaged one, it’s always imperative to put into consideration the make and model of your car before making any move. As we said, car accessories are not entirely universal these days, which calls for extra care to pick the right one for your car. Happy shopping!

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