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Camera & Photo

Photos allow time to stand still and take us back to those fun and happy moments. For quality photos and images, you will need superior equipment. OnlyReviews helps you locate the best gear whether you want to use your smartphone to capture your moments, or are searching for the best camera

A Guide to Buying Cameras & Photo Equipment

How to Choose a Camera

When it comes to photography, a camera comes second after your basic understanding of how to take great photographs. Once you’ve mastered your skill, you’ll explore various cameras and set goals to buy your own brand new camera. It is an exciting experience. But also intimidating. There are a lot of questions you must ask and answer to reach a conclusion of one with the perfect features for you. The market is packed with numerous models with diverse features and advanced underlying concepts that make the purchasing process a little intricate.

Your phone camera might be doing great work already, but it is not enough to satisfy a photography enthusiast. You need a dedicated camera with enough features that will make you feel and capture images like a pro. Only Reviews is determined to ensure you get the best shots by finding a camera that will outshine your expectations.

Camera Types

You have a variety of types of camera to choose from on the market. Whether you want to go the fancy way of getting the robust DSLRs, big boys of the industry, or point-and-shoot cameras, they are all unique in their own way and need you to be keen to make a clever choice. Here are the types of cameras.

Is my Camera Phone Good Enough?

Camera Phones are all over today and almost every individual with a smartphone can access one. They offer convenience such that you can carry them wherever you go, take your shots, and share with the world what you’ve taken, almost instantly. With apps like Instagram where one can share their work and get a following, many people who were giving up on photography find them very appealing. The challenge, however, is that they are of poor quality. The lenses are fixed which if you zoom, the quality of the image also depletes. However, the manufacturers are making them better with every release. But for now, you need better if you are a serious photographer.

Point-and-Shoot Cameras, are they any good?

Point-and-shoots are the smallest cameras you can find in the market solely made for photography. The fact that they are cheaper and compact in size makes them an option for many. They have a lens that is attached permanently but can be adjusted or zoomed for various captions. The retracting lenses are also good for storage purposes. However, before you buy them, you should know they produce poor image qualities compared to the DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras owing to their smaller size sensors. They are a great option if you are just starting out.

What are mirrorless cameras and should I buy one?

Mirrorless cameras are also an option you can choose. According to the name, you can tell they don’t have mirrors like the DSLR cameras. But their features are closely similar except that these cameras have a smaller body and are lighter. Their lenses are interchangeable as well, but the selection quality is not yet as the DSLRs. However, they still provide professional-level shots. When it comes to sensors, some have full frame ones while most still have smaller alternatives which are not effective in low light situations.

DSLR – what does it mean?

Digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are big, look great, but pricey as well. They come in two bits with a body and an interchangeable camera lens. They have a mirror that you look through to visualize your image. Doing this gives you an idea what your final photo will be like when you press the shutter button. The lens has a big role in making the image quality great. Therefore, you want lenses with proven results (which are plenty out there). The moment you press the shutter, the image is recorded on a sensor. The sensor is large which is important for low light noise.

Which is the best action camera for sport

You can spot Action Cams in adventure and sports events. They are mountable and useful for photographers seeking creative ways to take their shots. Most of these cameras are used to capture videos. They have limited settings and so, cannot replace fully-fledged photography cameras like the mirrorless and DSLRs.

The Ergonomics of Cameras

Before you decide which camera to buy, you need to consider various concepts. How one feels in your hands will play a big role in your motivation as a photographer. The ergonomic things to consider include:


Cameras in particular categories almost weigh the same. But there are those that weigh less than others when you choose across the various camera types. For those starting out with photography, pick a camera that allows you to move without feeling as though it is a burden. Therefore, a smaller one is ideal. It is better to compromise a little on image quality than buy a camera with the best photo quality, yet you leave it at home.


Try out various cameras to see how well you enjoy using them. Can your fingers reach the setting buttons while in action? Comfort is key here. Find one you’ll love using.

Menu Systems

Having a camera with complicated settings is not helpful to your photography career. If the settings are stopping you from using the camera, then why did you buy it in the first place? Ensure that you easily understand and navigate the systems – from setting it up to capturing images.


How rigorous will your photography journey be? Depending on where you plan to use the camera, choose cameras made of a material that will withstand the test of time. Some cameras are designed to work underwater. Others are weatherproof, while some have no form of protection from the weather.


There are a lot of accessories a camera might have. However, you should know that you don’t require all of them. Put on the list the necessary features you require before you can go for the additional camera accessories. Some of the must-haves here include memory cards, spare batteries, a camera bag, a memory card reader, lens pen, microfiber cloth, rocket blower, and a screen protector. You can get the optional accessories as you wish. Regardless of what you deem necessary, it is important to buy stuff from major brands. With these, you’ll be sure that they are reliable.

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