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Must-Have Summer Essentials

girls cycling on summer coast

Are you ready for the summer time? Most people will be headed to the beach to bask in the sunshine. This season allows social lives to rise, and it births new friendships. Communities gather to party. Commitments and outings cross most minds. There is no better time to fill bars, beaches, concerts, and festivals. It is a time of fashion. You must look good and yet, protect yourself from the scorching sunshine. However, most of us are often not well prepared for this period. And this can hinder the enjoyment of the very moments we want to savour.

The Only Reviews team wants you to enjoy summer as the temperatures go up. So, we have searched the market, and come up with a list of the must-have summer essentials. And because there is still plenty of time to prepare for this season, get your game in check. By the end of this reading, you will look cool, eat well, and be entertained.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 1

A Beach Mat

We had to start at the beach. If you plan to go to the beach, you should invest in a sandless beach mat. This mat is not like the regular ones that will carry all the sand after use. It is made of polyurethane that will filter every grain of sand and leave everything you place on it untouched by dirt. It does not sip in water as well and can be placed closer to water. So whether you are going out with your partner or solo, a beach mat will save you a lot of headaches this summer.

beach mat

Sun Hats

For the confident girls and guys out there, a must-have accessory is a hat that will protect you from the sun. Whether you are at the beach, touring a bush near your place, or want to camouflage, we have a list of seven sun hats to have in your summer item collection. In this selection, you want something that will stand the test of time – one you can use again in the future. Even though hats are not very fashionable these days, you can still rock a great fit and not just look good, but also protect yourself from the sun above. Remember the key is in finding the right colour combination with what you are wearing.

sun hat


Sunglasses will suit both ladies and gentlemen. Regardless of how big your head might be, there are sunglasses out there for you. They will help you look cool and protect your eyes from the bright UV rays. Some people will immediately think they only need to spend a few bucks on shades, but this should not be the case. Find a pair of sunglasses that looks the part and plays the part also. You want to look confident and appealing.

girls in sunglasses


Whether you’ll be at the beach or want to indulge at a pool party, you’ll need swimwear for the occasion. If you are a lady, you want to look sleek and sexy in what you wear here. So, find a brand that employs shaping designs that will make you feel great wherever you go. Gentlemen, throw on a stylish pair of shorts. Get a pair of summer shoes and sunnies as well. The flower designs work great during this season.


Watch and Bracelets

The number of clothes we put on reduce as the temperatures rise. At this point the accessories we put on matters a lot because they are more visible. That is why you need a unique watch on your wrist. It must be something you love, that feels light and looks great on you. People will be seeing your watch and so, you want something that will wow them. You can never have enough beauty bling on your arms during summer. Get as much as you can afford. But don’t burden yourself with too many accessories.


Karaoke Machines

If you are hosting a party, what will it look like without singing and dancing? That is why you need to invest in an affordable Karaoke machine. Find the hottest summer karaoke songs to enjoy with friends and family. Get a pair of microphones that produce crystal clear sound, a machine that you can set to achieve the right base, the correct echo, and treble as well. Custom karaoke experience is what you need. Here is a list of the best karaoke machines that will transform your party.

karaoke party

Floating Pillow

There is no better time to relax in the pool if not during summer. It is not a must to be inside water or beside the pool all the time. A floating pillow gives you the benefit of being in the water without touching it. Lie in there. Stare at the sky and enjoy every sun-ray nature has to offer. These ones come in varied sizes and colours. You want one that will fit in your pool and look good. Most importantly, ensure you get a high-quality product that will last you several summers.

floating pillow

Patio Umbrella

Sometimes it gets too hot, and the best thing to do is hide a little and take a break from the sun. But you don’t have to go to the house; buy the best patio umbrella. For the perfect umbrellas for the weather, we propose you choose one of these 10 patio umbrellas. You want one that is easy to set up, with the right colours, that is big enough for your space. And if you plan to get on with the party till night time, get umbrellas that have lighting in them – preferably LED lights.

patio umbrella

Cooling Harness

You don’t want to forget your dog(s) in the scorching sun, do you? There are many things you can buy for your pet in this season including a dog crate, but because you want it to enjoy the season with you, get a cooling harness for it. This product helps your pet keep cool as the temperatures rise while it is on the move with you. You want one that integrates a detachable water pocket that is easy to incorporate when the temperature rises. Search the market and choose the proper size for your dog.

cooling harness on dog

Bow and Arrow Set

Why would I need a bow and arrow set?  For your kids. And you as well. You see, summer presents us the best time to play, and everyone should be on board if it is to be memorable. Parents out there understand children don’t want to be left out on anything, let alone game time. Therefore, choose the best bow and arrow kit to enjoy with them. The good thing with this option is that it will suit all seasons. It can operate beyond this oncoming summer. The set is meant for entertainment and developing children skills.

child playing with bow and arrow

Grill Pan

Yes. You must eat well this summer. And not food ordered from a local restaurant – homemade meals. Whether you plan to host a party or call for a family meeting a grill pan will serve you well. These kitchen equipment do the roasting, simmering, deep frying, frying, and boiling of food. They will help you make meals faster and serve a crowd if you choose the right size. These equipment are great for summer because they can fit in all homes, you can carry on a trip and use them on a camping site. It is important to mention that they make meals fast. They can also replace most of your kitchen equipment because they perform multiple functions. Here are 5 electric grills you can use for your kitchen needs.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 2

Backpack or a Bag

When you decide to wander the streets, you are likely going to need a backpack where you can store your essential items as you move around. If you are going swimming at the beach or in a pool away from home, you will need a bag to carry your accessories. There are plenty of these products on fashion today, and you can get yourself a high-quality one to use even when the summer fades. You will need to decide the colour and design for the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

girl with packpack in sun


You want to preserve the memories of summer, particularly if you are travelling around. Thank goodness for the technology we get on our mobile devices. We can easily capture memories wherever we go. However, we shouldn’t miss out on professional photography. Get yourself a high-quality camera that will take the incredible landscapes and preserve everything for the future. See our Best DSLR cameras for beginners.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 3


Speaking of keeping records, you also need a notebook to highlight your memories. You want something you can write your thoughts and plan for the future. Take notes on what you plan to do the following day and what you’ve done in the past and want to repeat. Do you think it is important to take note of what you are supposed to eat and the best days to exercise? A notebook will help you record everything you need to to take advantage of every moment during summer.

summer notebook

Streaming Device

There is no season under the sun where movies are not great – summer included. And in our technology-packed world, we have a lot to celebrate during the summer. We can now stream games from the best producers in the world by the touch of a button. You have several options for you. Here are the 9 best media streaming devices for your summer entertainment.

streaming tv in the sun

Lightweight Footwear

When it comes to summer wear, there is a lot to avoid, and that is anything heavy. Therefore, lightweight footwear will work great. You want to move around town feeling light and the right footwear will help you walk miles without feeling tired. At the beach, they will be equally useful. There are tons of colours you can select, and you want to choose the right one that matches your needs. Some people will look for shoes they can wear to the office. There are plenty of those too.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 4

Inflatable Boats

Ever wished you were a captain of a vessel on the waters? Summertime gives you an opportunity to live your dreams. Buy yourself an inflatable boat from our selection. With this item on your must-have summer essentials list, you have a lot to experience. Whether you want to bask in the sun in your pool, want to experience breathtaking waterfalls, or want to fish, it will be very instrumental in all your explorations on water. The good thing with these vessels is that you can deflate, fold and store them in your home and wait for the next time the weather will be favourable to use them.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 5

Battery Powered Fans

Whether you are going to stay at home, visit the beach, or go camping, it is going to be hot at some point. And when this happens, you want to be well equipped to enjoy your expeditions. The best battery powered fans will come in handy in such circumstances. Being battery powered means they are portable, and you can carry them wherever you go. One that rotates horizontally and vertically will be very useful in such circumstances. Also look for features like variable speed dials, rechargeable batteries, USB charging among other features.

Must-Have Summer Essentials 6


The sun brings life during summer, with a lot of activities coming to life in this season. However, it is not great for the skin explaining why you need sunscreen or sunblock. When you go out looking for the best one, seek for something that can work both underwater and in the direct sunlight. Hope you understand that re-applying the sun protection is the key to preventing sunburns.

mother and daughter applying sun block



Whatever you get up to this summer, make sure that you’re prepared so that you don’t need to miss a moment of the glorious sunshine! Whether you’re vacationing on a sunny island or chilling out in the back garden, if you’ve got everything on our must-have summer essentials list, you’ll be sure to have a ball!