Must-Have Car Accessories

woman sat on car boot in the sun

There is a lot to benefit from developments in the vehicle accessories industry today. Things that can make your rides more convenient, safer, funnier, enjoyable, are all over and beckoning for you to buy. Just by committing to purchase these stuff, you won’t need to acquire a new car to enjoy the numerous innovations in the industry. Some are important, while others are just for aesthetic appeal. At Only Reviews, we are not going to create a list of unimportant items like owning an aquarium, chandeliers, and hot tubs at the back of your vehicle. Instead, here is a practical must-have list of car accessories you need to add to your bucket list.

Must-Have Car Accessories 1

Key Finder

If you are the kind of person who goes, “Where are my keys?” when it is important that you get in your vehicle, and get going to do important things, then you need a key finder. Instead of panicking, feeling anxious, or calling a locksmith to break into your car often, a key finder will save you a lot of this stress. This device will help you locate your keys wherever they are because most of the time, you just misplace them, and they are somewhere in your house or office.

There are many options you can choose from in the market depending on your needs. Some come with features like finding your keys across walls, beep flashes, lightweight, and compatibility with Alexa. Get yourself a key finder, to never lose your mind trying to find your car keys during emergencies.

Must-Have Car Accessories 2

Hike Bike Racks

Bike lovers will tell you the freedom they experience in cycling. Enjoying the breeze of the open roads, seeing the horizons, penetrating narrow paths, and many more. You also get time to exercise, which you can’t get while driving. Getting your bike everywhere you want it is a great feeling. Most of us, before reading this might be folding their car seats to fit their bikes at the back of the vehicle. But there are better options.

If you love to bring your bike along for your expeditions, then check our best hitch bike racks. Having this feature on your car will leave you a lot of space in the vehicle for the entire family. They come in varied styles and have diverse features to accommodate different sizes of bikes. Regardless of your choice, ensure that you get one that will be easier to mount your bike, and makes your car look great as well. A bike rack can save you a lot of time you might require dealing with garage doors, using your bike whenever you need it.

Must-Have Car Accessories 3

A GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is necessary for a car. It is not just a cool thing to have, but very essential if the vehicle gets lost. If you share your vehicle with people you don’t trust, it will work great. If you operate a business that every minute the vehicle is on the road counts, you need a GPS tracker as well. If your teenager is driving you crazy, but you still want to give them the freedom they need, and you need to know where they are with your automobile, get one. With this device in your vehicle, you can connect with your smartphone, so that you know where the car is every time.

Your vehicle is safe with a GPS tracker. Find one that can inform you when your vehicle is going towards places it shouldn’t. The best part is that they are easy to install if you are a DIYer.

Must-Have Car Accessories 4

Car Battery

You need to invest in the understanding of the electrical system of your car. For you to avoid the frustrations motorists face, you must learn how it works. Having knowledge about your wiring system in the vehicle will come a long way when you get stuck. The battery is the heart of your electrical connectivity in the car. Therefore, you must ensure it is in the perfect condition for smooth rides. We have done all the legwork for you and picked great battery options. Here are the reviews of our top ten batteries you should buy.

If you have used your battery for more than three years, you need to consider replacing it (good batteries normally last five years maximum). Due to extreme weather and mechanical conditions, most don’t last that long. And when your battery is bad, you end up harming the healthy parts of the system including the starter motor. Therefore, ensure you place this device on your car accessories bucket list for the best handling of your car.

Must-Have Car Accessories 5

Car Mount Holder

A car mount holder is your practical cool accessory device for your smartphone. Given that almost everyone owns a mobile phone, all of us need car mount holders to put them as we drive. You can stop worrying about breaking your phone while in the car because this appliance holds it in a fixed position. Some people will receive their calls on loudspeakers while they drive. Others use it to view videos when they are not busy driving. These devices allow you to place and take your phone at will within seconds.

Must-Have Car Accessories 6

The Winter Car Kit

It is frustrating to get stuck somewhere during winter. It is even more disturbing when it is in the dark and you can’t go out of the car to unstuck yourself. A winter car kit contains most of the important things you might need in such situations. It has several things in a compact package for easy storage in the boot of your car.

The best winter car kit package will contain a shovel that will help you eliminate snow from your tires. It also has water insulated booster cables to get help from another vehicle when your battery is dead. Of course, a torch or flashlight is important if this happens during the night. You can go round your vehicle to identify where the problem is, and scare away animals and bad people. You don’t want to freeze to death when your situation requires breakdown rescue. A good kit must contain a foil blanket you can wear to avoid losing your body heat as you wait. HiVi jackets that come with the package will help you be seen in the dark by other motorists.

Must-Have Car Accessories 7

A CB Radio

Do I need a CB radio? You bet. If by any chance you get stuck somewhere and your phone is dead or there is no network connection, a CB radio might be the only thing that will help you reach other people. You can easily connect with other users. People have used these appliances for survival, they are important for those going out to fish, hike, hunt, including anywhere offroad. We have affordable options in our eight best CB radios. Check and buy one that fits your lifestyle.

Must-Have Car Accessories 8

Gas Cans

Transporting gas is not a safe endeavor. However, some journeys make it a necessity because you might need extra fuel in a place where there are no refueling stations. Here is where a gas can comes in handy. The design of a can is the difference between safe and dangerous transportation of gasoline. You want a gas can that can keep your extra fueling liquid sealed until you let it out personally. When you are getting the gasoline out, it should give you precise pouring control. Therefore, you need gas cans like the ones we review here.

Must-Have Car Accessories 9

Bottle Jack

Flat tires happen in the most unexpected places. No one is immune to them. And when they do, you must be prepared to make the change. Owning a lifting device will help you have an easy time changing your tire without needing help from other people. This device will also come in handy when you need to do maintenance work under your car. That is where a bottle jack comes in. Its mechanical design is made in a way that you can pump a heavy load the size of your car in minutes and make the changes you need. This item is a must-have in your vehicle because tire bursts will occur sooner or later.

When you go choosing the best bottle jack, get one that has the capacity to lift a vehicle like yours. Those made from steel are great options because they won’t stop functioning under pressure. You also want to be safe while using this device. Therefore, don’t compromise on quality. Spend as much as you have to and get the best you can afford.

Must-Have Car Accessories 10


With these accessories on your must-buy bucket list, you will have the confidence you need while you drive even in places others dread. They are not just stuff to make you look cool, but important equipment for convenience during times of need. Whether you are new to driving, or you understand your way around automotive accessories, you should ensure these ones are in your list. Of course, the list should be longer than this, and when it comes to a matter of priority, each individual will buy according to the journeys they make.