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5 Ideas for How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Summer Party


Summer is the time when we experience too much heat and sun such that most people desire to take ice-cold drinks. Warm drinks in a party cannot spice the occasion hence the need to keep them cold. Here are 5 ways you can keep drinks cold at a Summer party.

How to Keep Drinks Cold

In case you have planned your venue on the beach or any other place away from home, a refrigerator cannot be a solution. You have to seek other ideas for How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party. You do not need to panic that the drinks will get hot since I will guide you on the five great ideas to keep all your drinks cold.

5 Ideas for How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Summer Party 1

Add Frozen Water Balloons

The pressure exerted inside a balloon increases the size of a balloon. So, a balloon has ample space to occupy ice cubes. Make sure you have enough balloons for the process, fill them with water, and close the top to avoid spillage. Place the water-filled balloons in a freezer and later transfer them to the bucket large enough to hold all your drinks.

The more giant the balloon, the larger the ice cube; therefore, the ice cannot melt quickly. The best way to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party is to avoid poking the ice balloons. Once you poke the balloons, you give room for melting, which will affect the cooling effect created by ice cubes.

If you have a freezer, it will be much cheaper to have your drinks cold all along since balloons are affordable too after the party, dispose off the balloons appropriately to leave the environment cleaner than you found it. Frozen balloons are 100% real deal since they cannot disappoint you unless you burst the balloons before the party is over.

However, you will need to buy high-quality balloons that will withstand frozen water for more than 12 hours. If you are not sure of the balloon’s quality, ask for assistance from the shop attendant before you buy it.

Use a Portable Refrigerator

This is an excellent hack on How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party. Most portable fridges do not need to have a direct connection to electricity for them to work. Therefore, you will be at ease knowing that all drinks are cold enough for your guests to enjoy at the party.

A portable freezer is also useful in case you do not have a refrigerator. The main aim is to keep your drinks cold throughout the party. Make sure that the freezer is in good condition before taking it with you. It would be embarrassing giving your guests warm drinks instead of cold since you did not confirm whether the freezer was ok.

Warm drinks during summer do not give a refreshing feeling as compared to cold drinks. In case you have no experience in home appliances such as a freezer, call a technician. A professional technician will help you repair the broken parts and repair the damaged parts. After the checkup, you will be sure that there will be no disappointment at the party.

You can also use an electric refrigerator if your party is indoors. It will be such a lucky time since you will need to keep the electrical power button on throughout the party session. Prepare ice cubes 24 hours before and keep them standby in case of power loss.

Use Copper Party Tub

This is a tub made of copper to keep your drinks always cold. This copper is still cold unless subjected to heat. How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party, is one problem that affects party lovers in summer.

Additionally, with this copper tub, you need ice cubes in it to maintain the degree Celsius as low as possible.

Make ice cubes out of the drinks you have prepared. Tea, fruit juice, and coffee make the best fruit juice that cannot disappoint.

Copper Party Tub needs ice cubes to maintain cold drinks longer. Additionally, make sure you have prepared the ice cubes 24 hours before the event.

Keep Your Drinks in Shade

I am confident that you have experienced the cooling effect that is brought about by a shade. The cool breeze and the refreshing feeling as the wind blows is capable of keeping your drinks cold at the party. This will work best if the party is outdoors.

The best way to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party using a shade is by keeping them in a refrigerator before heading out for the party. I prefer using a tree shade as it is more refreshing as compared to a human-made shade.

Tree shade is one of the indigenous cooling methods that I still use today. In case you are lucky enough to find a shade that is windy, your guests will enjoy taking the cold drinks you prepared. A windy area always keeps the tree moving and does not allow temperatures in your re to rise.

For safety and hygiene, cover the drink with a clean light cloth That will prevent dust, pollen, and all other sorts of germs from contaminating the beverage. A contaminated drink can cause health problems to all your guests, so; you need to be extra careful.

Maybe you are there, and you want to use a tree shade to keep your drinks cold, but you do not have trees around. You can make a simple shade using cloth or buy a large umbrella.

Also, you will need ice cubes to prevent your drinks from getting cold incase of too hot sun rays and heat from the ground.

Use Frozen Fruit as Ice Cubes

Are you here wondering How to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party using frozen fruit? The fruit hack is one ingenious idea that will help keep your drinks frozen. You will need to freeze fruits such as blueberries to use in vodka, lemon, pineapple, and watermelon, among other nuts of your choice.

A frozen piece of fruit will keep your drink cold for the longest time. Fruits are very nutritious and give a refreshing feeling during the summer.

Proper freezing will take time hence the need to freeze the nuts before for the best experience and results. You will be glad to have carried frozen fruits since they will serve you a great time as your guests will not need ice cubes. Frozen fruits add flavor to any drink they get into.

You can also chill your drink if you have no other solution at hand. The process requires you to take the drink in a bottle, wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and let it chill for about 15 minutes.

After the specified time, your drink will be able to last longer in the party without having to worry about getting cold.

Additionally, it is not prohibited to use the chilling process and the frozen fruit as ice cubes together.

This can occur in case you have many visitors, and you do not have enough space to maintain cold drinks throughout the party. The entire process of acquiring ice cubes should be done 24hours before to prevent inconvenience in case of power loss.

The more giant the balloon, the larger the ice cube; therefore, the ice cannot melt quickly. The best way to Keep Drinks Cold at a Party is to avoid poking the ice balloons.

Once you poke the balloons, you give room for melting, which will affect the cooling effect created by ice cubes.

Now You Know How to Keep Drinks Cold

With the five ideas discussed above, you will not drink warm refreshments during the summer.

You will be able to entertain all your friends and guests with cold drinks easily. This is because you have many ways to keep the drinks cold despite power loss.

I prefer that you do not take chilled and frozen drinks often for the sake of your health. Enjoy the drinks at the party, but it should not be a routine despite the refreshing feeling the cold drinks give you.

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