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5 Best Ski Mittens for Skiing Reviewed in 2020 (UK & USA)

What are the warmest ski gloves? Discover the best ski mittens with our reviews.

Last updated on 9th Jan 2020 by Abby

Product reviews of the best ski mittens.

With wet, numb, and ice-cold fingers, you would rather sit by the chimney at home than stay out trying to have fun. Skiing is only exciting if you are comfortable.

But if you love being active during winter, having a ski day is a top choice for most people. Besides warm clothes, you will need good quality ski mittens.

Ski gloves come in a variety of styles and materials. You’ll get nylon, fabric, to leather designs. Some are insulated others are not. Some designs can be disassembled for cleaning, while others have no removable parts.

Some have liners you can remove in case of the weather fluctuation, while others are made especially for the coldest conditions. This is before pricing and sizing is even considered, so, as you can surmise, it is a challenge to pick suitable mittens for your use.

Fortunately, while you were enjoying autumn, our teams were out there trying and testing mittens for you. We, therefore, compared and picked the best ski mittens the market has to offer. Don’t worry.

We’ve considered your budget and come up with those you can afford. You don’t have to surrender your holiday spends just for the gloves, do you?

  1. 1

    Andake Ski Mittens for Men, Thermal 90/10 Down Mittens, -35℃ Cold Resistant and Windproof, Double Waterproof Mittens with Non-slip Palm, Great To Keep Hands Warm in Cold Weather

    The ability of a glove to keep you toasty even when the temperature in the negative thirties is what makes it worth the extra expenditure.

    You also need to look great in them for all the holiday pictures you’ll be taking! Andake Ski Mittens for Men possesses all these qualities you would need.

    It is a combination of 90% down and 10% feather which guarantees reliable thermal insulation – much better than cotton. The design is breathable owing to the laminated fabric used to cover its contents. Even with this feature, it still is waterproof and capable of holding TPU 8000 mm. The in-built TPU material wicks out moisture so you feel warm and no build-up of sweat within. No sweating here!

    Skiing safety is important. You, therefore, don’t want to wear slippery gloves that will contribute to accidents during use. The palm of Andake ski mittens is non-slip sheepskin imitation for this purpose.

    They are flexible and resistant to wear thus great for rigorous activities by men. Even in the worst freezing conditions, they still perform excellently. And in case of shock, this product has enhanced palm thickness that will keep your hands safe.

    It also integrates a windproof cuff plus a velcro closure. This design will cover your hand up to 14 cm from your wrist. It is important to mention that the glove will snugly fit your hand.

    The Good
    • Non-slip palms
    • Water and windproof
    • Breathable
    • Very warm
    The Bad
    • Natural material comes with a smell
    • Ordering your normal size might be small on you
    • Can be trouble to put on
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  2. 2

    VBIGER Ski Gloves Waterproof Windproof Warm Winter Skiing Mittens

    VBIGER Ski Waterproof Gloves is a mix of comfort and durability. Besides the coziness, they offer superior warmth during cold seasons. We can attribute its success to the superior fabric used to make it.

    It is a combination of cotton, fleece lining, nylon taslon, PU leather, and tricot fabric. With these materials in use and withstanding craftsmanship in play, this glove can withstand stress when you are active on ice. The build is also soft on the skin and provides the ideal warmth you would expect on a cold day. The sleeves are long thus will protect your hand from feeling the cold wind.

    Inside the mittens, there are finger separation compartments, making them easier to wear and maneuver with. That means you can handle small items like keys, earphones, and others while wearing it. Convenience during use is factored in this three-layered gloves.

    If the weather is heavy and wet, you don’t need to worry. The gloves are waterproof. The anti-slip palm offers the necessary friction for stability and firm grip. This item also integrates a zipper pocket where you can keep money and other stuff you might want to carry around. It will not just serve well during skiing but also skating, mountain climbing, plus other outdoor activities.

    The Good
    • Zipper pockets
    • Multi-purpose
    • Comfortable
    • Waterproof
    The Bad
    • The color might not be as shown
    • The mittens are bigger than normal size
    • No lens wiper
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  3. 3

    EXski Waterproof Ski Mittens Men Warm Thermal Winter Cycling Snowboarding Snowmobiling Snow Work Cold Weather Leather Gloves Three Trigger Finger

    EXski Men Ski Mittens comes with the unique three-finger design. The thumb and the index finger can move freely thus giving the flexibility you might require handling other stuff. Driving, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, and other outdoor sports are possible with this product.

    It does not compromise on the quality because you’ll still feel warm when the temperature is as low as -20 degrees Celcius. The material and designing used to make the glove ensure it is breathable, waterproof, and lightweight at the same time.

    The palm section of these gloves has anti-skid leather that reinforces the grip. Being genuine leather, it is sturdy and capable of lasting. It also includes long cuffs that have a buckle and strap.

    These ensure the mittens is strapped in place and offers the defense against wind. This product gives a snug fit for the wearer and is sleek to the fingers for the coziness. Expect protection for your hands during rigorous activities as well thanks to the thick padding. When not in use, the mittens can be clipped together owing to the clips integrated on them.

    The Good
    • Three finger design
    • Fully waterproof
    • Anti-skid leather
    • Windproof cuffs
    • Thermo insulation
    The Bad
    • Isolated cases of lack of waterproof feature
    • The cuff is a little short
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  4. 4

    HANDLANDY Winter Snowboarding Mittens Men Women - Warm 3M Thinsulate Thermal Ski Mitten with Build-in Gloves (Medium, Black Mitten)

    It looks amazing, simple, and does its work well. The HANDLANDY Winter Snowboarding Mittens is one of the top ski mittens and gloves that use multilayered craftsmanship to increase its insulation for the wearer to feel warm. It uses cotton that makes it comfortable and soft to wear.

    A chilly and wet environment has no chance against this pair of gloves. It includes nylon insulation which keeps water away from your skin to keep your hands dry. Both men and women can comfortably wear this glove and work with it comfortably in all snowsports.

    The palm is genuine leather and so, offers you great flexibility when it comes to grabbing things. Then it is also very durable providing service for many winters. It is because of the simplicity, material, and design that these mittens can be used daily.

    It comes with cuff straps that you can adjust according to your hand size to make sure it accommodates most hand sizes. The sleeve is long to give you protection against wind. These gloves can be used for winter riding, skiing, snowboarding, and other snowsports.

    The Good
    • Lightweight
    • Multi-layered
    • Water repellent
    • Custom-fit
    The Bad
    • Cannot withstand extreme cold
    • Finger separation does not fit snugly for all
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  5. 5

    OZERO ski mitt,winter mittens with leather palm,3M thermal Thinsulate Insulation and adjustable belts for keeping mens and womens hands warm,1 pair

    OZERO ski mitt winter mittens are affordable compared to most of the options we have on this list. They can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celcius, keeping you warm all through.

    The design and materials used in making this pair of gloves repel water so you won’t get wet. For the sake of handling things like a ski pole, the gloves include a skid-free leather palm. This feature is durable and will still work great in rigorous exercises. It can be used to hold tools for hard tasks.

    The mittens have long cuffs which protect against wind and reinforce the wearability of the gloves. Wearing it is easy and the adjustable wrist belts make sure they hold tightly on the hand.

    Expect a snug fit and warm hands all the time it is in your hands. You want to drive a snowmobile, ski, or play other snowsports? This product is a perfect solution to your needs during winter.

    The Good
    • Perfect for winter
    • Wicks snow water
    • Anti-slippery weather
    • Adjustable wrist belts
    • Affordable
    The Bad
    • Bulky
    • No lens wipes
    • Small sizing
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    We earn commission fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.
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Frequently asked questions

What are mittens?

According to the definition by Wikipedia ” A mitten is a glove without individual finger openings”. Mittens cover the whole fist or hand and are warmer compared to regular gloves. They work the same purpose as gloves and the two words can be interchangeably used depending on who is using them.

What are advantages and disadvantages of mittens?

Mittens are very important during winter to keep one warm but they are also used for different purposes.

  1.  Mittens keep us warm in cold seasons. They help to put our fingers together and cover them in multiple layers of fabric for easy warming. Some are water-resistant and so prevents wetting your hands when you need it.
  2. They are good for lifting heavy stuff. Whether in the gym or lifting heavy stuff or tools at home or workplace, they have the thickness and non-skid palms that helps to have a firm grip. The wrist support is also pivotal in heavy lifting.
  3. Mittens in children prevent them from scratching themselves as they keep warm as well.

Just like any other products, they come with their disadvantages. Depending on the material and workmanship behind the mittens, they might fail to deliver on their requirements. Top-quality ones are very costly and not everyone can afford.

What is the approximate price for mittens?

Prices for mittens vary depending on the quality, design, material, and size. You can get mittens as cheap as £5 while there are costlier alternatives as expensive as £100 or more.

The more expensive one is, we assume that it uses expensive material, has compartments, extremely comfortable, and includes fashionable embellishments. Our list has VBIGER Ski Glove at a budget price. The Andake Ski mittens near triple their price. By the end of the day, you choose what you can afford plus the value it provides you.

What should I look for when choosing mittens?

There are plenty of considerations before you can choose which mittens are good for you. Look at the:

Size: When you buy any piece of cloth, you want to be sure it fits you well. Same goes for mittens. If you choose an oversized pair, it won’t keep you warm. When they are too small, you won’t be comfortable wearing them. Your movement will be limited if you manage to slip your hands in them. Measure so that the glove feels comfortable when you fold a fist and still fit snugly when the hand is free.

Additional Features: If you’ll be using your phone while wearing the mittens, you want one that has touch-screen compatibility feature to avoid removing the glove every time you want to access the device. Some come with zipped pockets where you can store your keys or other small items. Others will have multiple adjustable straps for a custom fit. Look for gloves with hooks you can use to hang during storage.

Waterproofness: You want your mittens to be breathable and still keep water from reaching your fingers even when it rains. The material used should also wick sweat so you don’t drench your hand as you have fun.

Insulation: There are two types of insulation used in mittens; down and synthetic. Down insulation works great for activities like snowboarding, skiing, and in dry environments but are costlier. Synthetic insulation works better in cross-country and downhill ski.

What is the best Mitten? Why is it the best?

The OZERO ski mitt winter mittens pick the day as the best in our assortment. They can handle temperatures as low as -41 degrees Celcius which other gloves cannot. This pair of glove also integrates water-resistant feature, non-skid material, and long cuffs.

What is the best budget mittens?

Though we have selected affordable gloves for you, there is one that is cheaper than the rest. Our best budget mittens are the VBIGER Ski Gloves. It still has the necessary features that can keep you warm and includes zipped pockets.