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5 Best Fingerless Gloves for Winter Reviewed in 2020 (UK & USA)

Do fingerless gloves keep your fingers warm? Read our reviews of the best fingerless gloves.

Last updated on 16th Jan 2020 by Abby

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Product reviews of the best fingerless gloves

Winter isn’t a favoured season for a lot people. The biting cold calls for heavy dressing from head to toe. When it comes to protecting our hands, we invest in gloves of all kind.

The best fingerless gloves come in a variety of materials and designs. And the price range is very wide, availing something for everyone. Wearing a normal pair of gloves can hamper our normal operations.

That is why fingerless gloves are very important for cold weather. We all love them because they allow us to operate our smartphones and function as normal while they keep us warm.

Where normal gloves fail, fingerless gloves come in. But choosing the right fingerless gloves can come with its challenges. Not all fingerless gloves can keep you warm through winter. Some are cut high up above the knuckles, while others lack the entire fingers.

Our search for the best gloves for you was extensive and we finally settled on five top quality and affordable options for winter.

Want a pair? Check our top-rated fingerless glove; Heat Holders – Men’s Winter Warm Fingerless gloves. See what we have for you here.

  1. 1

    Heat Holders - Mens Winter Warm 3.2 TOG Fleece Lined Insulated Knit Thermal Fingerless Gloves (One Size, Grey)

    The Heat Holders – Men’s Winter Warm Fingerless Gloves deserve a sport on this list of the best fingerless gloves because of the simple fact that it gets five stars on most of the qualities we were looking for.

    They integrate thermal technology which holds heat during use and the fleece lining does a great job to hold heat close to the skin. The fingertips cut is perfect for those working on computers and for office work. You can use it when cycling, driving, and while doing outdoor activities as well.

    The sewing uses two materials; acrylic on the outside and an interior lining of polyester. Meaning, it is both hand and machine washable. Even though it retains body heat, it also has breathable pores and wicks away sweat.

    This glove also has a protective cuff which will hug the wrist of your hand thus keeping you safe from cold and wind. Its TOG warmth rating is 3.2. The threads are well-stitched to give you a product you’ll use for a long time. And you have four colour choices to choose from for the best fingerless gloves.

    The Good
    • Warm
    • Happy customers
    • Machine washable
    • Thermal yarn for heat retention
    • Snug fit with the right size
    The Bad
    • Some customers complain about loose finger threads after wear
    • Not the best packaging
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  2. 2

    2 x Pairs Adults Black Fingerless Gripper Gloves - One Size, men or women

    The AKORD Adults Black Fingerless Gripper Gloves are what you go for when seeking gloves that can offer a firm hold on things but come at an affordable price.

    What makes this fingerless glove unique is its grip elastic surface which makes it possible to hold firmly on stuff. Activities like driving, horse riding, and skiing can happen successfully with them.

    They use acrylic as the main material, polyamide, and elastane in part. These qualities together with the quality sewing make them respond well to machine washing.

    The cuffs are long enough to cover the wrist and parts of the hand against the wind. The sizing is meant for adult men and women alone. They stretch to accommodate a variety of hand sizes dues to their stretchy material. But they only come in black. At the price it is sold, this product offers great value for your money.

    The Good
    • Gripping rubber surface
    • Warm
    • Machine washable
    • Unisex
    • Great value for money
    The Bad
    • Grip wears off
    • The sizing is an issue for some
    • Thin material
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  3. 3

    DWE Cashmere Fingerless Gloves,Black Half Fingerless Thumb Hole Warm Gloves (Dark Gray)(Size: One Size)

    Good stretch, slim fit, and comfortable and the words we can use to describe the DWE Cashmere Fingerless Gloves. They are not the fancy type with multiple colors and pattern designs.

    Just simple but serves the purpose right. One of the best pairs of fingerless gloves, they can go well with office wear thus great to use in the workplace environment for computer typing and dealing with other office equipment. These gloves use cashmere giving you a stretchy product that you can move to the finger level you desire.

    The thumb section is designed differently to give the rest of the glove the support it requires during use. Your fingers will move with ease and your hand will remain warm as you do so. Its cuffs are long enough making it windproof.

    Though not thick as other winter gloves in our assortment, they still protect against cold really well. So are you an administrator, a typist, cashier, or a receptionist, these gloves will serve you well. Women prefer these gloves over men but they can work for any gender.

    The Good
    • Unique design
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Long cuffs
    The Bad
    • Material too thin for very bitter cold
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  4. 4

    2 Pairs Mens HeatGuard Fingerless Gloves Black Thermal 3M Thinsulate Lining Thick Stretch Winter Sports Size L/XL

    You want more for less? HeatGuard Men’s Fingerless Thermal Gloves package comes with two pairs for you.

    With these, you can exchange when one pair is dirty, wash, and have another pair to wear as the other dries. They are machine washable with temperatures not more than 30°C.

    These gloves are fingerless giving you the freedom you need to do stuff like typing, driving, and using your phone without worry and yet keep you warm in cold weather.

    They are made from acrylic with a Thinsulate lining of 3M guaranteeing enough warmth to your hands during this winter. The gloves cover half the fingers and the windproof cuff goes past the wrist.

    The black color they come in is a great option for men and there are two sizes which will accommodate most men’s hands. These gloves can handle most activities from driving, typing, using a smartphone, sports training, to outdoor activities like skiing.

    The Good
    • Elastic cuffs
    • Two pairs
    • Good customer care
    The Bad
    • Sizing runs small, opt for size above
    • Unravelling finger edges
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  5. 5

    Highlander Unisex Adult Stayner Thermal Gloves

    With four sizes and two colors to pick from, this product is an amazing option for everyone. The Highlander Unisex Adult Stayner Thermal Gloves use durable knitted acrylic in its make to provide your hands with protection and warmth.

    The insulated lining does the work great to retain the heat within the glove. The glove is designed so it does not expose all of your fingers out; only the tips which will allow you to do most tasks including handling your phone, fishing, driving, and other activities.

    The cuffs are long enough to protect your arm in the cold weather. Whether you choose green or black, their good quality remains. The manufacturer gives clear size descriptions so you can pick the right sizing for your use.

    It is important to mention that even though this pair of gloves is thick, it is lightweight and breathable as well. This glove is to be washed by hand only.

    The Good
    • Warm and comfortable
    • Affordable
    • Thinsulate warmth retainer
    • Durable
    The Bad
    • No manufacturers label
    • Few colour choices
    • Not machine washable
    Check price on amazon

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    However, this will not increase the prices you pay for products.


Frequently asked questions

What is a fingerless glove?

A fingerless glove is a glove that covers the fist area of the hand but has openings where fingers can penetrate to be seen or used for various activities. They are also called glovettes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fingerless gloves?

Fingerless gloves are unique and have numerous advantages to the user. While a standard glove will hinder your activities, these ones allow your fingers the freedom to move and execute their duty without any concerns.

When it comes to activities like shooting, writing, typing, using your smartphone, and more, it is better when your fingers are not covered. Another benefit is that they allow breathability which is more comfortable and hygienic.

The air circulation in these gloves is fast. You, therefore, will find it easy to dry them when they get in contact with water.

But before you buy them out of excitement, understand their downsides as well. Wearing these gloves leaves your fingers exposed which makes them less safe when handling stuff that can cause cuts and scratches.

Then you should also worry if you handle a lot of chemicals, fires, and other toxic stuff because you can easily get in contact with them. Another issue with these fingerless gloves is that they are costlier than regular ones.

What is the approximate price range for fingerless gloves?

Fingerless gloves come in a wide range of prices and packaging. While the market has expensive alternatives ranging in the £50 and above, there are cheaper alternatives costing less than £5.

The Heatguard men’s fingerless gloves come packaged two pairs costing £6.99. You will also get average priced fingerless gloves that provide you with good service.

The price differences come about because of the material used to make them, the brand involved, where they come from, and many other factors not forgetting the quality.

What should I look for when choosing a fingerless glove?

You have a lot of things to consider when buying fingerless gloves.

Color: Most gloves will come in black or other dull colors. But that does not mean you can’t get your fave red. Shop around for fingerless gloves that are in your favorite colors to dress according to your style and fashion taste.

Cuff Length: If the whole of your arm feels the cold you’ll get long fingerless gloves in the market to protect you. Some people are not interested in long cuffs. As long as the glove covers the fist, they are good to go. There is something for you as well.

Convertible Gloves: It is possible to have it all! There are gloves designed so the tips of the fingers can be uncovered when the need arises. You decide when you want your fingers free then remove the glove’s top. When you’re through using your fingers, cover them right back and enjoy the warmth.

Improved Palms: You can see this with our AKORD adult’s black fingerless gripper glove. Unlike this rubber gripper glove, there are those that use leather and other materials for the palm area. This move intends to improve the grip of stuff. If you plan to use these gloves to hold various things safely, then this could be a top feature to look for.

What is the best fingerless glove? Why is it the best?

The best fingerless glove in our collection is the Heat Holders – Men’s Winter gloves. They integrate a lot of features which most people will find useful. From the super warm thermal lining to the comfortable soft material used, this glove provides the service you would expect from the best quality gloves. And its price is reasonable trading at less than £10. That means you get value for your money.

What is the best budget fingerless glove?

The AKORD adults black fingerless gripper glove takes the day when it comes to the best budget glove. Even at their low price, they come with a special palm rubber design for the user to have a firm grip of things. It is both good for men and women and is machine washable.