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5 Best Electric Grill Pans for Cooking Reviewed in 2020 (UK & USA)

What is the best electric grill pan? Discover honest reviews below to help you choose

Last updated on 16th Jan 2020 by Zoe

Product reviews for electric grill pans

If you love cooking, you’ll appreciate a piece of kitchen equipment that serves more than one function. An electric grill pan is one such item.

When it comes to preparing breakfast, nothing beats a multifunctional grill pan. With it you can cook hams, sausages, eggs, hot dogs, pancakes, bacon, steak, potatoes…you name it.

Whether you want to boil, fry, deep fry, simmer, or roast, these appliances are a great choice for your kitchen.

Owning an electric grill will help you enjoy meals you would not because regular charcoal grills are restricted on most properties particularly in towns.
They are also better than gas grills because they don’t run out of fuel. You can use them in your home and carry them on a vacation if you wish to. We bet you will love countertop or tabletop grills because of the convenience they offer during use and cleaning.
Our teams have gone out, searched the market, tried, and tested electric grills to bring you the best electric grill pans.
Even though all these kitchen grill pans are top picks, we uncompromisingly endorse the 6L Large Square Electric Grill Pan for the amazing work it does in the kitchen. Check our list out.
  1. 1

    6L Large Square Electric Grill Pan 30 x 30cm│Durable Non-Stick Cast- Iron│7 Adjustable Thermostat│Thick Glass Lid│Cool Touch Handle│Multifunction Skillet Indoor Hotpot Tabletop Outdoor Camping BBQ

    The 6L Large Square Electric Grill Pan is a kitchen warrior that features a large non-stick surface that will provide you with healthy meal results and afterward, make your cleaning work easy.

    With it, you have seven heat settings to prepare all manner of meals comprising of deep fries, BBQ, and stews. You don’t have to wait for long for it to ready up before you can start cooking. Just plug, switch on, and voila! It instantly provides the temperature you need for the scrumptious meal you want to prepare for your family.

    This electric grill is in a compact design that fits in a small kitchen but still, accommodate enough meals for a small family. Even better, you won’t be burning your fingers as you cook. It has a cool-to-touch handle that is safe.

    The good news? The handle offers firm support so that it settles on the countertop without moving around whenever you are stirring your meal. You have a thick glass lid to monitor your food as it cooks. Expect long service with this kitchen equipment.

    The Good
    • Multifunctional
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to clean
    • Safe-to-touch handle
    • Instant heating
    • Seven temperature adjustments
    The Bad
    • Small for large families
    • Instructions not very clear
    • The lid steams up when the vent is open
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  2. 2

    Elgento E14024 30 cm 1500 W Electric Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Glass Lid and Adjustable Thermostat in Black

    You can’t go wrong in the kitchen with Elgento E14024 30 cm 1500 W Electric Non-Stick Multi Cooker. It operates at 1500 watts and offers you a spacious 30 x 30 cm cooking surface – ideal for a small family.

    You will cook healthily thanks to the non-stick coating which doesn’t require oil all the time. And this feature will help make your cleaning process easier as well. It comes with a lid that has a vent which will help you monitor the food as it cooks for accurate results. It is also dishwasher safe.

    Operating this kitchen equipment is easy. You have a thermostat that adjusts the temperature to cook a variety of foods. It has two cool-to-touch handles that make it safe to manage the cooking without burning.

    This electric grill pan is designed for the perfect small kitchen. You also can store it easily thanks to the removable thermostat

    The Good
    • Spacious cooking surface
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • Cooks varied dish types
    • 1500 watts
    The Bad
    • No instructions on the cooking period for different meanls in the manual
    • The lid gets hot
    • Customers report the coat on the underside peeling away
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  3. 3

    VonShef Large Multi Cooker | Electric Frying Pan with Glass Lid, 42cm Non-Stick Surface and Cool Touch Handles | 1500W

    The VonShef Large Multi Cooker is a one-pot wonder that provides you convenience as you cook in the kitchen. With it, you can cook varied food types and come up with great results each time.

    Whether you want to bake, boil food, fry, saute, roast, or prepare stew, it has you covered. The thick depth and large diameter will allow you to cook enough meals for the family and guests. It offers long service owing to its aluminum body that features a glass lid with a steam vent.

    You can prepare healthy meals with it because of the non-stick coating that does not necessarily require oil to cook. You have a thermostat control for your temperature setup that reaches 240C. It is a 1500 Watts grill pan.

    The Good
    • Durable
    • Glass lead
    • Non-stick surface
    • Spacious
    The Bad
    • The knob loosens
    • Not dip enough
    • Very wide; needs a bigger cooking and storage space
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  4. 4

    VonShef Square Multi Cooker | Electric Frying Pan with Glass Lid, Non-Stick Surface and Cool Touch Handles | 1500W

    This square cooking grill pan is a stylish item for the family kitchen. It comes with many strengths to tackle most of your meal preparation needs. The VonShef Square Multi Cooker | Electric Frying Pan is a multi-functional device that will deep fry, boil, simmer, and do all manner of cooking.

    It is made of tough aluminum that features a non-stick surface, which encourages healthy eating. This feature also makes cleaning easy. It also comes with a lid that has a steam vent to help you monitor your meals as they cook.

    It is a 1500 watt kitchen appliance with a thermostat control which you can choose temperatures up to 240 Degrees Celsius. Though its 4 cm depth is shallow, it compensates this with a 30 cm diameter for your cooking.

    Its cordless design will give you easy handling during use and storage. You will have a long service with this kitchen appliance.

    The Good
    • Glass Lid
    • Attractive
    • Large cooking surface
    • Multifunctional
    • Non-stick aluminum build
    The Bad
    • The lid does not fit right
    • The lid knob might break
    • Customers report non-stick surface scratching off
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  5. 5

    Quest 35500 Multi-Function Electric Cooker Pan with Lid, 1500 W, 40 cm, Black

    The Quest 35500 Multi-Function Electric Cooker is what to go for when you are looking for an ideal electric grill pan for a small family. You can cook all sorts of meals with this thing.

    It features a non-stick pan that measures 40 by 40 centimeters, allowing you plenty of space to cook. Your washing will be easier owing to the non-stick surface. This pan will cook your food with less oil because of this feature.

    You can regulate the thermostat temperature control from 100 to 240 Degrees Celsius according to what you are cooking. The power cable is detachable to allow easy storage. The glass lid has steam vents to support viewing of the food as it cooks.

    Whether it is breakfasts or chilies, frying or browning, it is the grill pan you need for your small kitchen. It is sturdy and will serve a while.

    The Good
    • Non-stick surface
    • Multifunctional
    • Tough glass lid
    • Sturdy
    • Easy to clean
    The Bad
    • For small families
    • Non-stick covering come off
    • Isolated cases where it stopped working
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Frequently asked questions

What is an Electric Grill Pan?

An electric grill pan, also known as a griddle pan in the UK, is a cooking pan that uses electricity as a source of energy. You can plug it in an electrical outlet anywhere and start using. It is usually multi-functional and able to boil, deep fry, grill, and prepare many types of foods.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Grill Pans?

The main advantage of owning an electric grill is that it requires electric power to function. It does not require any form of fuel like the regular grills or gas grills. They are also convenient and can be used anywhere there is electricity.

You are also safe using these appliances because there are no flames to worry about. Most of them are made of non-stick surfaces which makes them easier to clean and store.

Its main advantage tends to be its major disadvantage as well. Given that these kitchen equipment use electricity, they will raise the electricity bills. In addition, the best options in the market will cost a lot, which can set you back financially.

What’s the approximate price range for Electric Grill Pans?

The electric grill pans in our selection have a price range between £22 to £45.00. Spending this sum of money is good considering that they have the features any kitchen might require.

There are cheaper and more expensive alternatives out there. However, the cheap ones might not have non-stick abilities or lids.

Durability might also be an issue. Those that are expensive might have additional features that make them more useful and compact.

What should I look for when choosing an Electric Grill Pan?

Look for an electric grill with a thick plate. This feature is what causes it to heat evenly and retain the heat afterward. They also take longer to wear out. One-inch thickness is ideal.

The material used to design an electric pan is key as well. Look out for those made using chrome plated steel, or steel because these tend to be more durable and easy to clean. The handles should be made using materials that are safe to hold as you cook. Such will help you avoid burns in the kitchen. Most electric grills will include a glass lid. This part of the equipment must be well reinforced so that it does not break over time. The design should allow you to view food as it cooks.

The plate surface should also be a priority to check. You want an electric grill pan that has a non-stick surface, which will help you eat healthy foods because it requires little to no oil. Such a surface will make the cleaning process easier.

You also want to check its energy sources. Obviously, electric grill pans use electricity as an energy source. But others also incorporate additional connection abilities where you can hook gas in case of a blackout. Then you have to consider how easy it is to connect the power source. Is it just a matter of plugging and switching on, or you’ll have to learn how to do it? The kind of connection you’ll get on a kitchen appliance will determine how easy and well you can store it.

Looks matter. How well is it designed? Is it a square-like or circular? They come in different colors and glow, and so, ensure you choose carefully. Find something you will be proud of using.

Consider the size of the electric grill pan. Here you should look at the depth and surface area. What will you be cooking often? Ensure what you order can accommodate food enough for your family. The size will also determine the cooking surface and storage as well. If you have a small kitchen, then you’ll need a smaller pan to fit on the countertop and with enough space to store on your shelves.

What is the Best Electric Grill Pan? Why is it the best?

We settled on 6L Large Square Electric Grill Pan because it is useful and has functional features. Even though it is small, it can tackle most cooking and bring out great results.

It has seven heat functions that allow you to cook various food types with the right temperature. You also get a non-stick ability, a safe-to-touch handle, and a compact design.

What is the best budget Electric Grill Pan?

The best budget electric grill in our selection is the Elgento E14024 30 cm 1500 W Electric Non-Stick Multi Cooker. At £22, it provides you with a lot of benefits like non-stick surface, great capacity, and a lid with steam vents.

What size of an Electric Grill Pan do I need for my family

The size of the grill pan you require will depend on your needs. How many people do you intend to serve? There are those that are small and meant for small families, while others are big meant for large families.

If you are entertaining guests, then you obviously need a grill pan that can prepare a lot of food. Choose the Elgento E14024 30 cm 1500 W Electric Non-Stick Multi Cooker if you live alone or there are just a few of you. And take the VonShef Large Multi Cooker | Electric Frying Pan if you have many mouths to feed.