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5 Best Breathalysers for Drivers Reviewed in 2020 (UK & USA)

Are breathalysers accurate? What are the best breathalyzers on the market? Our reviews have got you covered.

Last updated on 16th Jan 2020 by Darren

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Product reviews of the best breathalysers

This review is for the law-abiding citizens who wouldn’t dare drive on the roads when they are intoxicated. It is not just against the law to drink and drive, but highly dangerous as well.

You endanger yourself and other road users. Therefore, it is responsible for you to make sure that you don’t reach or surpass the legal alcohol limit before you can go behind the wheel.

Breathalysers are a great way to determine if you are good to drive or not. These gadgets employ high-end technology to help you test the amount of alcohol in your breath – which correlates with how much alcohol content is in your blood.

This way, you avoid imprisonment and the hefty fines you might pay when the police catch you. But how many of us understand how to select the best breathalyser for personal use?

The Only Reviews team will help you to pick the best breathalysers in the UK. We have tested and come up with the products that are functional and cost-effective as well. Here are our top five.

  1. 1

    AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester Breathalyser - Auto Express & EVO Magazine Group Test Winner

    You can rely on the accuracy of AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer. It is not just accurate but also easy to use and quickly delivers on its promises.

    It employs similar technology used to make police breathalysers in the UK and US and therefore, produces the same quality as medical and law enforcer units with the same goals.

    The fuel cell sensor technology might be smaller than the ones used in law enforcement agencies but has an astonishing level of performance.

    Its in-built software ensures it does not come up with incorrect conclusions or anything under the stated reading of the user. Regardless of how low your alcohol content is close to the needed legal level, the accuracy is guaranteed.

    This appliance employs a graphical interface that is easy to read. You get instructions plus prompts on the screen for easy understanding.

    The results are easy to fathom, and the alert will be there to inform you when you should not drive. You can set the product according to the different limits across the globe. If you plan on driving into a different country, all you need is to set it accordingly with the help of a user manual provided.

    The Good
    • Easy to use
    • Accurate results
    • A don't drive alert
    • Double blow tube receptor
    • Re-calibration alert
    The Bad
    • Re-calibration required annually at a cost
    • Tubes need replacement
    • Contamination might occur if multiple people use it without cleaning after every take
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  2. 2

    AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyzer - Police Grade Accuracy - Award Winning

    If you love the feel of professionalism coupled with a design that is user-friendly, the AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyzer is what you need. Its slim nature is where all power lies.

    This feature gives it a unique design that fits easily in your hand It incorporates award-winning technology which is approved by several bodies including FDA, CE, DOT, and AUS to show that its standard is not subpar.

    It has a traffic light display which is very easy to read. You are either on the red side where you are not safe to drive and the green side where it is safe to drive. It also provides you with alcohol content levels in digits to be sure the level of alcohol you have in your bloodstream.

    It comes with batteries allowing you to unpack and use immediately after purchase. Also includes three mouthpieces made of plastic. Expect a start guide in the package with clear instructions as well.

    The device is calibrated to the UK standards required by the police service, but can also serve in other countries with the right settings. By buying it you get a 12-month warranty.

    The Good
    • Sleek body
    • Easy to read
    • Very accurate
    • Police grade quality
    The Bad
    • Some buyers report inaccuracy
    • Re-calibration required
    • Small screen
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  3. 3

    AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser/Breathalyzer & Alcohol Tester - Sunday Times - Rating: 5 STARS"Impressively Accurate" & Auto Express 2018 Recommended

    The AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser/Breathalyzer & Alcohol Tester is recommended by the Auto Express. This appliance does not fail when it comes to accuracy. It provides you with reliable readings that you can confidently trust.

    The conclusions after a test are detailed offering you both the readings of the blood alcohol content plus breath alcohol content. You have a don’t drive alert when you are close or above the chosen limit.

    You also get access to a re-tester alarm that will remind you to test again. This feature is optional so, you set it to work.

    This device features a TFT screen with a backlight to enable you to use it even during the night. It is 1.8 inches and full color for you to get its benefits any time of the day.

    It also integrates a USB port, which will be useful when improvements and updates are needed. With it, you have five mouthpieces and three batteries which can handle four hundred tests or withstand a full year on standby. You will re-calibrate after 12 months of service. Though it looks big in the picture, it comfortably fits in a pocket.

    The Good
    • A Clear TFT Screen
    • Has limits for whole of Europe
    • Backlight for use in low light
    • Re-calibration alert
    • Award-winning design
    The Bad
    • Re-calibration required
    • Mouthpieces require replacement
    • You can still make errors with it
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  4. 4

    AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer & alcohol tester - "What Car" Best Breathalyser under £100 (Multi Limit) - For use in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland & throughout Europe

    The minimalist AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer & alcohol tester is designed for accuracy and ease of use. It fits in the palm of your hand like a tiny cellphone. You just need to slide it open using your thumb and wait.

    It then counts from 19 to 0 before indicating that you can blow. This process prepares the sensors to give you an accurate count. Once it indicates that you can blow, do so for about 5 seconds until it produces a beep.

    That easy! Impossible to get it wrong. When others distort the quality of the results when you blow too hard or soft, this device will indicate an error message on the screen allowing you to take the rest again.

    If you want the reading of alcohol content in the blood or alcohol content in your breath, it will give it to you. It uses three AAA batteries which come in the pack.

    You can make an order and use it immediately. Its maintenance and cleaning are easy – which you need to do after every use.


    The Good
    • Easy to use
    • 12-month warranty
    • Accurate
    • Easy to clean
    The Bad
    • Re-calibration required at a cost
    • Limits not set for many countries
    • Requires waiting before use
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  5. 5

    AlcoDigital AL7000 Digital Breathalyser/Breathalyzer with Replaceable Sensor, in-Car Charger and Storage Case, Silver

    If you are looking for the best breathalysers, that does not require calibration, then the AlcoDigital AL7000 Digital Breathalyser/Breathalyzer is an ideal option.

    It comes with a digital display that is easy to read and operates with a single button. With four digits that show on the screen, you have nothing intricate to worry about.

    The sensor is replaceable and offers accurate results when you test. You might be thinking interchanging the sensor is a complex process.

    That is far from accurate. It is will take you a jiffy to replace without any professional help. The costs you use for annual calibration is eliminated with this breathalyzer.

    Whether you want to test in the morning after a night of drinking or just a few minutes after drinking, it is a great suit for your needs. It uses rechargeable batteries.

    You will love with the slim design that you can put in the pocket without causing unnecessary bulges. You get five mouthpieces with it.

    The Good
    • No re-calibration necessary
    • Easy to use
    • Affordable
    • A single button for operation
    The Bad
    • Interchanging the sensor can be troublesome for some people
    • Lacks backlight
    • Some customers reported inaccuracy
    Check price on amazon

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    However, this will not increase the prices you pay for products.


Frequently asked questions

What is a breathalyser?

A breathalyser is a gadget that is used to estimate the blood alcohol content of someone through their breath.

It is mostly used as a medical device and also by law enforcers to ensure drivers don’t endanger themselves and other road users if under the influence of alcohol.

There are also personal breathalysers that people use for the same purpose as the ones we review above.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of breathalysers?

Breathalyzers are great devices for detecting the alcohol content of someone’s blood. They make the testing process easy, accurate, and quick.

Using them by law enforcers and individuals helps to reduce cases of drank people driving on the roads. This way there are no cases of accidents and breaking of the law.

These products are non-invasive and do not cause any health risks, unlike testing that happens in laboratories.

Even though they help you to know the alcohol content of your blood, one might assume there is an acceptable level of alcohol consumption – which there isn’t. It also sets you back financially particularly if you go for the high-end alternatives.

What is the approximate price of breathalysers?

The approximate price of breathalysers in our list is between £64.95 and £149.99. The market has breathalysers with various costs; some high, while others lower than what we have to offer here.

The cheap models might be hard to read and their results could be inaccurate.

On the other hand, the expensive models might have added features, but what we are selling you here like the AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser/ Breathalyzer & Alcohol Tester equally performs great.

What should I look for when buying breathalysers?

There are several things to consider before you can purchase a breathalyzer.

Approvals: You want to purchase a product like the AlcoSAFE CA10FS Pro Breathalyzer which is approved by the right agencies to be sure you are getting accurate results. The approval indicates that it is okay to use and it does whatever it promises.

Size: If you are going to be using this product in your home, buying a full-size product would be a good option. Such is big and is stationed in a specific place. Those who want to move around with their breathalyzers can buy portable options. The medium sizes will fit in your palm while the smallest ones can hang on your keychain.

Recalibration: Some breathalyzers need annual recalibration which will come at a cost. Others like the AlcoDigital AL7000 Digital Breathalyser/ Breathalyzer don’t need it but will need a sensor replacement. Choose whichever fits your lifestyle.

Mouthpieces: Different breathalyzers come with varied size and shapes of the mouthpieces. Make sure you check the type of these channels that a product has. Remember this part needs to be replaced after every use.

Cost: Just like any other product on the market,  they come in varied price tags depending on their efficiency, brand, and features. Choose according to your financial ability.

What is the best breathalyzer?

The best breathalyzer model in our selection is the AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser/Breathalyzer & Alcohol Tester. It comes with features that are of top-notch quality.

The screen is a colored TFT one that gives you easy readings without a struggle. It also includes several mouthpieces to start you off on your tests.

Its learning curve is not steep. Just get it out of the box and start using. The design is award-winning and can perfectly fit in a pocket.