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We all want to look our best, but that requires quality products that are safe and convenient to use. A huge variety available on the market can make it tough to narrow down the best beauty products for you. At OnlyReviews we do the research so you can focus more on achieving that stunning look.

What makes a person beautiful is their personality. If they are beautiful inside, it will reflect on the outside. But this doesn’t mean we should not make an effort to look good on the outside. Humans everywhere do it and do it big. Women do it more than men. That’s why the beauty industry is a multi-billion industry. People invest in both cheap and expensive products to achieve their desired look. Regardless of how much you spend, there are essential beauty products that you should own.

At Only Reviews, we strive to provide you reviews for all products. We understand that shopping for beauty products has largely gone online and provided you with relevant info about them so you can make informed decisions. So what should your beauty bag contain?

Makeup – Makeup is an integral part of a woman’s beauty. You’ll need stuff like under-eye concealers, wooden cotton buds, bronzer, blush, lip balm, makeup remover wipes, metal spoon, among others.

Skincare – Everyone desires to have natural skin that smooth and flawless. To women, beautiful skin is a must-have and that’s why you’ll need products like aloe vera, exfoliator, tea tree oil, moisturizer, pumice stone, and stainless steel.

Haircare – Taking care of your hair is no doubt a beauty essential. It’s what makes some people buy hair extensions, and wigs when they are unsatisfied with what their natural hair looks like. Shampoo, coconut oil, hairspray, straightening iron, dry shampoo, among other things.

The things we’ve mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean for people who love beauty. Some people have rooms full of skin products and beauty accessories. But that’s not what you need to be beautiful. Here is what you absolutely need.

A Mirror

When applying makeup or making your hair, you want to see yourself transform. And this is possible with a mirror on the wall. Buying a good quality mirror will help you see yourself clearly as you apply stuff on your face. That’s how you get the right complexion and have a stunning hairdo. When looking for a mirror, an LED one will work great. These mirrors have lighting components that are very useful to work both in rooms that are not lit and in the open.

Modern times present us with mirrors that entail more accessories than your usual mirror. You’ll access entertainment features so you can spice your beautiful moments. From speakers, USB ports, to Bluetooth capabilities, your makeup moments won’t be the same again.

A Hair Dryer

Hair is an important beauty component for women. Those who don’t have hair wear wigs and install others surgically. That aside, owning a great hairdryer guarantees you good looks – just like what you get from the salon. Even better, it saves you money because you won’t need to go to a salon to get your hair done.

When buying a hairdryer and have frizzy hair, ensure you buy an ionic hairdryer. If your hair is dry, buy a porcelain dryer. If you are the kind the has a lot of hair, a titanium one will suit you. Power is an important concept when buying a dryer. Buy 1500 Watts blow dryers. Ensure it’s lightweight to be comfortable when using it. Another thing to consider is how well you can regulate your hairdryer. Look for buttons that can help you control the heat.

Makeup Remover Wipes

If you are going to apply makeup on yourself, then get some wipes to remove them when they are no longer needed. Makeup remover wipes will help you keep your skin breathing which is key for the health of your skin.

A Brush

A brush for your hair is vital if you are going to maintain it throughout the day. You’ll choose your brush depending on where you are going to use it. There are tons of options for those with long hair including flat paddle brushes, which is useful after a blow-dry process, oval brushes for hair that’s not too thick, a round brush to use during blowdrying, and a narrow brush for combing your hair backward.

You can also choose to go with wide bristle brushes for untangling your hair, vented brushes for blow-drying and doing regular maintenance, and thermal brushes for styling. Sometimes, you’ll need to carry just a single brush that suits all your needs when you are traveling. You need to be keen on finding what brush fits your needs.


Exfoliating your skin can contribute hugely to how well you look. It not only makes you clean, but you’ll look and feel fresher. Buying an exfoliator will depend on your skin type and how sensitive it is. Another thing that will contribute to your choice is acne presence and medical grounds. Anything too harsh will cause damage to your skin and anything too weak won’t be as effective as you would wish.

Caution is important when buying exfoliation chemicals. Test by applying the product on a small part of your skin to be sure it will have the right effect on your skin. An exfoliant will work with oily skin and cream for skin with acne. Different seasons will need you to make changes to end up with what fits that moment. The best place to start is using an exfoliator designed for normal skin.

Lip Balm

You don’t want to walk around with dry and cracked lips. Apart from weather conditions working on you, what you eat and drink can also cause the drying and cracking. Sometimes you never know when this will happen. And that’s why you need to invest in a good quality lip balm. When it comes to buying anything to apply on your lips, the best option is always natural products. The best thing is that most producers understand this and have availed plenty of options for you in the market.

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