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Baby & Child Product Reviews

Preparing for parenthood is a particularly daunting time. Deciding which products will give your baby the best possible start in life can make the process even more challenging. Here at Only Reviews, we aim to give new parents the best information about baby products so that you can spend less time researching and more time getting excited about your new arrival!

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Buying for a New Baby

Regular repeat purchases can take a toll on your baby budget. Buying wipes, cream, talc, milk, toys, and bottles can be incredibly expensive, but you shouldn’t underestimate the costs of one-off purchases.

Below are some tips you can apply to save on baby’s budget? We will give you an insight on what to spend on and what to scrimp.

Budgeting for a new baby

To save on baby items, consider the following tips.

Have a Baby Registry

Start preparing a list of all the baby items you will need. Besides ensuring you do not forget any essential item, it also helps you to research on the best qualities at lower prices. You will have time to know the stores that are offering discounts.

Buy in Bulk

One of the sure ways to save on baby’s budget is to buy in bulk. Buy some items in bulk such as diapers and food. You would be surprised how much you will save in a month when you choose bulk buying as opposed to several small purchases.

Use Coupons and Samples

You have favorite stores or health facility you visit regularly. Remember to ask for coupons and discounts every time you purchase. They may also hand you some samples. The technique will help you save a couple of dollars of baby’s budget.

Purchase on Thrift Stores

Babies outgrow their clothes and play with toys real quickly. Consider purchasing clothes, toys, and books in thrift stores. Many of such stores will buy back or trade-in the items that your baby no longer needs.

Share your Baby Registry with Family and friends

During pregnancy, and shortly after delivery, your family and friends will continuously visit you with baby gifts. Sharing your registry with them will give them insights on the items you need. It will also avoid duplicating the things that you already have.

Borrow Items

Some of your friends have children. They have items that their children are not using that may be of help to you. You can get some toys, play marts or clothes. You can also get a glider, crib, or high chair that you may return later. Just make sure you are careful not to break them.

Downgrade Your Lifestyle

Bringing up a baby is an expensive affair. Adding an extra mouth to feed and extra soul to care for needs proper planning and budgeting.

When you learn you are pregnant, start practicing to survive on one source of income. Save the rest for use once you deliver. Using this technique, you will not need to empty your savings account months to come.

You will realize that you have to forego some luxuries. You may need smaller comfortable care, switching to generic items, or even shopping at less luxurious stores.

Things to Splurge On

Spending on baby items is not always a waste of money. You cannot bet on some items. Anything that will touch on your baby’s comfort and safety, they have to be functional, durable, and easy to use. Below are the items you should not shy off splurging on.


Yes, this tops the list intentionally. Whether you are staying indoors or going out, these are must-use items. As you know, or may have heard, babies are very delicate. From their skin to the respiratory system. You don’t want to struggle from diaper rash when a cream can save the day.

Any item that comes into contact with the baby’s skin should be safe. If you are unsure of the product, consult your pediatrician. Also, avoid products with strong scents; they may be irritating to your baby’s respiratory system. The cause irritation may be due to artificial fragrance added on cheaper brands of baby shampoos, soaps, and wipes. You may choose to invest in herbal products that have no artificial ingredients

Car Seat

Besides being essential, the law requires you to have one.

The safety of your little one should be your number one priority. You, therefore, need to invest in a good quality car seat.

Avoid second-hand car seats at all costs. As you will come to realize, they have an expiration date. It will never go beyond six years from the date of manufacture. Another risk of a second-hand car seat is if it was involved in an accident. You see, some safety features might be compromised.

Invest in a new car seat just to be sure it is safe for your baby. Look out for the following features

  • Comfortable handle
  • Cushy padding
  • Yokes and harness straps
  • Chest pads
  • Lateral headrest
  • Neck pillows
  • Latch system, to secure the car seat.

A Stroller

Having a baby will not stop you from running a few errands. Many times you will need to step out with your baby. Investing in a good stroller will save you a lot of struggles.

You will use A stroller on many occasions and various surfaces. You will also need this stroller for an extended period- until toddlerhood. Therefore, go for wheels that will withstand stony paths and grassy parks. The stroller should be sturdy and durable.

Baby Carrier

While inside the house, you will need to carry the baby as you do some chores. You will also need as an alternative for a stroller when going on short walks.

A baby carrier is a sure way to develop a bond between a mother and a baby. You will also be able to work while wearing your baby.

A comfortable baby carrier is a bit pricey. Set aside enough funds to get a quality carrier.

Breast pump

Most mothers choose to breastfeed their little ones. In such a case, you need to invest in the right breast pump.

A pump will help you relieve engorgement before feeding the baby. You sure do not want your baby to choke on milk.

Crib Mattress

Babies grow when they are sleeping. As a mum, you must ensure the baby is comfortable and safe. A high quality mattress will give the baby the comfort they need. A dense and firm mattress will serve the purpose.

Baby blankets

Besides keeping your baby warm, a baby blanket will have so many other uses.

You can use it as a stroller shade, play mart, receiving blanket, etc.

Due to the many uses, get a durable blanket. A machine-washable baby blanket will save you a lot of struggle as you will need to wash it more often.

Crib fitted sheets

Your baby will spend most of the time on the crib- sleeping or playing. Therefore the sheets should fit the cradle to avoid suffocating the baby; it should also be gentle to the baby’s skin. High quality crib fitted sheets should have deep corner pockets, standard size, and have an all-round elastic band.

Blackout Shades

Your baby should be able to sleep at any time without distraction. Bright lights can hinder smooth sleep. These shades will help you minimize the amount of light reaching the baby as they sleep.

Things to Scrimp on

A lot of things are not necessary for a baby’s growth. Manufacturers create the needs in our heads to increase sales. However, there are other necessities that you can spend less on and meet the intended demand.


Baby clothes are generally made suitable for baby skin. Choose cheaper brands or second-hand clothes. Your baby will soon outgrow them. Buying new expensive clothes can drain your savings in no time

Wash clothes and towels

Using generic brands will save you a few bucks. You will only need the towels during bath time; hence, no need to invest in expensive brands.

Burp cloths

You will need to burp your baby after every feed. Therefore, you will need several pieces of burp cloths.

A burp cloth is needed to catch a baby’s spit-up. Buying generic brands in bulk will save you a lot of money.


A few times, you will need a break from the baby. A bouncer keeps the baby excited. However, it should not cost arm and leg since the baby will stop using it in a few months.


You already have a crib. A bassinet will not be in use unless you want to go out with the baby. You can save on a lot more if you borrow from friends who are no longer using them.

Other Items to Borrow

There are other items that you do not need to spend a penny on. Things that you can get from family and friends then return after you no longer need them.

  • Boppy. It will come in handy before your baby sits on its own. A friend can help you out for a few weeks
  • Exercisers. Baby exercise is vital for joints, flexibility, and strength. You can do it with your hands and laps. A few times, you can get items such as swings or bouncing chairs from friends and return after use.
  • Things like bottle warmers, wipe warmers, grocery cart cover, and Diaper Genie are just luxuries. You can skip them.

When preparing for a baby item registry, ensure you are calm. When emotions override you, you may purchase unnecessary items out of fear, or leave out essential items out of anxiety.

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