What About This Superfoods?

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It may not seem like people are talking as much about superfoods today as they were a few years back, but superfoods are out there, and if you follow healthy food trends at all you’re still bound to hear that name pop up. If you’ve somehow managed to be out of the loop, or you only just started paying attention to healthy food options, superfoods are thus called because of all of the great vitamins and nutrients they contain. They are super because they have more health benefits going for them than their food counterparts.

Som superfoods will have more antioxidants in, meaning that they are great for healing the body and fighting off free radicals that can cause all sorts of health issues, even leading to cancer. Some of them get the name because they are rich in healthy fats that make your brain work better. There are many superfoods, and many reasons a food becomes a superfood. Here are a few of the foods and why you want to make them a regular part of your diet.

Matcha And Green Tea

Green tea has been considered a superfood since that word was first coined. It is a tea that is considered a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants. It can help you fight colds, it helps you speed up your metabolism, and it can give you more energy.

Matcha is a powder made from green tea (a specifically grown green tea, that is) and is used in all sorts of health foods and drinks. You could say that it has an even more powerful punch than normal everyday green tea.


Fruit of all kinds is good for you, and most fruit has at least some vitamins and healthy nutrients that can do you body good. Berries, however, are extra rich in those antioxidants that can help fight almost anything that ails you, so they are an excellent addition to your diet. One of the cool things about berries is that they are great in drinks, salads, on sandwiches, and even as snacks all on their own.


It’s not just fruits, vegetables, and tea leaves that are rich in things that are good for your body. In fact, fish is an excellent source of many things, from protein to healthy fats. The healthy fats in fish can help your skin look and feel healthy, it can help you see better, and it can even help your brain stay healthy and help you remember things longer.

Nuts are another good source of healthy fats and they are a very versatile food. While nuts can often be packed with calories, they do also contain a good amount of protein so they can help give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day. Snack on them alone or add them to a salad!

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