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When you’re planning a conference, you will always want to make sure that the venue you choose is perfect for your requirements. Thanks to websites such as Venue Search London you have the whole city right at your fingertips, so no matter what you need, there should be the ideal venue right there for you to make the most of. If you’re still unsure, however, this article will help you with a few great ideas for venues that could be perfect for the conference that you have planned.

Millbank Media Centre

This venue is perfect if you are looking to hold a conference for between 60 and 280 guests. The space is adaptable for the party that are attending, and the layout of the room means that you will be able to hold the attention of your audience at all times. If you need catering for your event then this is available, and you also have the option to hire your own caterers to bring with you if you would prefer. With great transport links to and from the venue, it could be ideal choice no matter where your conference guests are travelling from.

Auditorium at The Crystal

If your event is for anywhere up to 270 guests, then this could be the perfect option. Rather than charging per person, the prices are for room hire in total, which means that if you’re pushing towards the upper end of capacity, this could be a good choice for you. You are able to have catering included in this package if you like, but unfortunately this venue won’t allow you to bring your own caterers in.

Council Chamber at the ICO Conference Centre

This is a great choice of venue for a conference, and all chairs are equipped with desks and microphones, meaning that it can be a truly interactive event if this is what you require. The capacity is anything up to 277 guests, and the shape of the room means that everyone is guaranteed a good view no matter where they might be sitting. If you need food to be provided, then this is something that the venue can do for you.

Weston Theatre at the Museum of London

Holding a conference is great if you can do so at a place of interest, and there is no doubt that the Museum of London is exactly that. With space for up to 231 guests, there is plenty of room for your conference no matter what you have in mind, and you can also take the catering option if you would like.

No matter which venue you choose for your conference, there is no doubt that there are many great options available in London for you to choose from. This means that whatever the subject of your conference, or the number of guests that you have available, you can choose the ideal venue to suit your needs. This means that your conference will be a success, and is likely to have a positive outcome.

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