Tools And Tricks For Kicking The Habit

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Most people’s minds automatically consider cigarette smoking to be “the habit.” but we would like to equip you with a few tools towards kicking addiction, in general.  Our high-tech world has provided some new and creative (not to mention tangible) ways of coping with the struggle of addiction.  

Though there are plenty of well-equipped treatment centers around the world, recovery from addiction is ultimately up to the individual.  Donate a moment of your time to check out a short list of a few of the most effective tools and tricks for managing addiction.  

The written list is a powerful thing

A simple text file will keep great documentation, but there are specified listing tools available for iOS and Android systems.  Start with a list that verbalizes all of the negative effects of your addiction.  

After taking note of the damage that is being caused, it helps to make another list, highlighting the positive changes you hope to see in your sober life.  Then, write out a list of commitments, including a detailed explanation as to why you have chosen to leave your addiction behind.  

Read your way through the cravings

It is easier to hold ourselves accountable for our actions when we are thoroughly educated about all sides of addiction.  Read your way through the temptation to use.  There are plenty of awesome and alternative ways to read and study in the modern era.  

Tablets and other handheld reading buddies offer an endless library of information for the thirsty mind.  If you are keeping yourself busy with reading and other information gathering, then there will be less time to focus on finding a fix.  

Accountability tools are excellent

The same devices that will allow you to read up on your disease of addiction will also provide some pretty fancy software applications to keep you accountable.  If there is no one to scold you for messing up, then what is the consequence?  An addict needs to be held accountable for their sobriety.  

Identify and remove triggers

Therapists and psychologists are equipped with the best and most innovative therapy tools to help patients identify their psychological triggers for using.  There is no reason why you could not research those tools, and find a way to integrate them into your life without paying hundreds to hire a therapist.  

Meet like-minded people who value sobriety

Software applications that work very similarly to popular social media websites are now available for Android and iOS users.  You can bring up the application, and find a meeting or a friend in minutes.  Meet new, like-minded, sober friends right from the palm of your hand with sober “meet me” apps.  

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