The Ultimate Checklist For Writing Online Reviews

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There are several reasons you might write up an online review.  You may simply want to share some useful information with friends pertaining to a new product you tried.  You may be working for a review company professionally reviewing a certain spectrum of products and services.

Whatever the reason, there are a few pieces of information every review should display.  You may not become an expert in a day, but take a peek at this helpful checklist for producing a well-written product review.

Introducing the product

Before anything else can be discussed in a written review, you have to thoroughly introduce the product or service you plan to dissect.  Generally speaking, a product/service review is different from an overview description (such as this).

The introduction to a product/services review should be precise and to the point.  Discuss the history of the product for users who are already familiar with the evolution.  For new users, dedicate a few lines to discussing the functionality of the product or service.

Describe the specifics of the product

After a strong introduction to the product/service, and an overview of its functionality for the newbies, you will need to describe the specs of the product.

Tell the readers important information such as the make, model, measurements, and price range.  Often these pieces of information are the border to the purchasing puzzle for shoppers.

Maintain a balanced perspective

Though this is your review, and a bit of bias is inevitable at times, do your very best to present a balanced review of the product/service.  Tell the people what you do not like about the product, but also include the things that you do like.  A balance of pros and cons (like in this example article) is best practice.

Present functional problems with the product, but do not avoid the discussing the excellence of the design.  Clearly explain to readers how and why you have arrived at your judgements.  This shows forethought and consideration.

Compare and contrast other similar products

In order to present a balanced perspective on a product or service, you need to discuss similar products.  The pros and cons of two different scent pack boosters for your laundry, for instance, people should know if Tide or Downy smells better to a real person.

The gigantic business conglomerates will tell you that their product is fancy and great all day long, but the experience of a real individual is what matters more to consumers.

Remember to think before you write

You should never write a review the same day that you test or experience a product or service.  You need time to think and analyze your experience with an unbiased perspective.  Time changes people’s ideas of an experience, so give the product/service a day or two to “grow on you” before writing its review.

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