The Best Android Apps for Long Commutes

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Whether it’s a plane ride, train trip or bus drive – we’ve all experienced the tedium of seemingly never-ending journey. Travelling can make us tired and unfocused, which is when we often just want something light-hearted to take our minds off the dull hours ahead. Well, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several. Kill some time with these effortlessly immersing, entertaining and relaxing apps for your Android device next time you dread a boring day of travel ahead!

 Fashion Empire


From the early days of the internet when Paperdoll Heaven was the go-to site for aspiring stylists, fashion games have always proved popular. Nowadays, it’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that rules above all other fashion games at the app stores. For an app that encapsulates the innocent fashion-loving spirit of PaperDoll Heaven, without the heavy focus on a specific brand or celebrity, try Fashion Empire. This game is praised for the huge collection of outfits, makeup and hairstyles with which to customize your model. You can join a fashion community online by creating your own shop, decorating it as you wish, and choosing which items to sell. All in all, this is an addictive and easy-to-play Android game for fashionistas of any age. Build your own fashion brand, style your character to be a fashion icon, throw fashion events or just have fun organising your store in the Sims-like set-up!

Papa’s Cupcakeria


If you’re a fan of restaurant simulations then you may have already heard of the ‘Papa’s’ series. Though originally an online game, the app version of Papa’s Cupcakeria (our favourite variant, though they’re all pretty great) is perfect for killing time while having some creative fun. From dealing with the challenge of time management and accurate preparation in the kitchen, to designing your store for maximum customer comfort – this sweet game will keep you glued to your screen. With each level, the tasks get a little more complex and fast-paced, meaning you won’t get bored for a single moment. It might give you a cupcake craving, though…

Appeak Poker


Since poker is a mind game that required strategic thinking and a deal of calculation, you might not think of it as an appropriate game when you’re worn out and want to relax during your commute. Unlike other popular poker apps, Appeak is a total breeze to play. Removing the stress of normal Texas Hold’Em, Appeak Poker makes the classic card game beginner-friendly, low-stake (you don’t have to play with real money) and straight-forward navigation-wise. That’s not to say you want get the unmistakable thrill of gambling when you play. You only get 7,000 virtual chips deposited into your account daily – so bet wisely! Appeak Poker is also popular because of how it lets you play with people from all over the whole world, resulting in a diverse mix of players at each virtual table, and interesting games resulting therefrom.

 PetWorld: My Animal Shelter

Ever dreamed of having your own animal sanctuary? Well, this app gives you the next best thing – a virtual shelter filled with animals ranging from parrots and snakes to cats and horses. The number of tasks involved in taking care of these creatures are varied and far-spanning, ranging from giving them medical treatment to cleaning out their enclosure. Learn all about what food to feed them, how to groom them, and how to show them affection in this adorable game. There seem to be a countless number of pet and vet simulation games available on Android right now, but this one is by far the most versatile and realistic. Play with baby animals, unlock items and help get these creatures adopted in PetWorld: My Animal Shelter!

Doodle Bowling


We don’t know who came up with the idea of mixing Doodle Jump-style graphics with the addictive fun of on-screen bowling, but it’s certainly a winning combination. Doodle Bowling is a straightforward game that lets you practise your aim on a number of visually entertaining lanes. There’s the classic cartoon, or ‘doodle’, lane – or else you can switch to any number of the app’s themed lanes. Choose between psychedelic, Halloween, candy-themed and snow cave-like graphics for your bowling lane – then get carried away by perfecting your strike as the difficulty level gradually rises.

Flow Free


Arguably the most relaxing game on this list – Flow Free is almost therapeutic in its calming sound effects and stress-free puzzles. The purpose is to create ‘flows’ by connecting matching colours with pipes. Sounds easy enough – except the pipes can’t overlap, meaning the ways in which to make some connections are less than obvious. With straight-forward visuals, over 2,000 puzzles and an immense sense of satisfaction upon unlocking each new level – Flow Free is an incredibly simple, yet addictive, game for Android.

Adorable animals, colourful puzzles and classic card games – one of these Android apps is sure to cure your boredom and help pass the time when your train is delayed or when your bus is stuck in traffic. Of course, it never hurts to bring a good book along with you either

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