The 4 Best Health and Fitness Apps

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Your phone can be a great tool for keeping on top of your health and fitness goals.  While once upon a time all of your health tools had to be purchased and operated in several different devices, modern technology has allowed it so that all of our health and fitness tools can be accessed from one single place: your phone.

Because of this convenience, there are fewer excuses in this age to not stay on top of your health and physical fitness.  Having everything that you need in the palm of your hand makes it so easy to stay healthy that you will never have a reason to fall behind again.  Take a look at some of the best apps for staying on top of your health.

My Fitness Pal

This app is one of the best that you will find because of its diverse amount of uses.  It can be used as a calorie tool with its immense database of virtually any food that you can think of with all of the included nutritional information.  You can either take a photo of the barcode which will automatically input the nutritional information into your daily calorie goal and subtract it leaving you with your total number of calories left, or you can input manually.

Apart from logging your food and exercise, you can also use the community aspect.  You can add friends to your profile to share your journey.  Whether you are going through recovery, trying to lose a significant amount of weight, or simply looking to build a fitness community, it can be used as a platform for communication.


Fitbit is one of the best activity trackers on the market and connects itself to your app seamlessly showing you throughout the day how far along you are on your daily goal.

You can add other friends to your app and have some healthy competition amongst yourselves.  Daily competitions add a little game into your workout routine and inspire you to reach your goals even faster.

Couch to 5k

If you haven’t worked out for quite a while or have never worked out at all and are looking to kick your fitness back into gear this application will guide you from having zero workout experience to running a 5k in a selected amount of time.


What kind of a workout would be a workout without music? It is crucial to make sure that you have a good playlist for when you are ready to get your sweat on.  Spotify not only gives you the ability to listen to whatever song you want, but it also has playlists to choose from based on your mood or activity.


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