Repairing Your Own Hardware Essentials

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Are you a regular DIY enthusiast? Or are you keen on getting things done in the home, but don’t have the right tools? In either case, the simple fact is that there are many jobs around the home that can be done, even if you are not the best at DIY. In this age of YouTube, you can find videos showing you how to carry out a wide variety of repairs and fittings, so you can save yourself money by not having to call out the professionals. Everything from changing fuses to hanging doors, through fixing electrical items and more can be carried out yourself, so what do you need to get the jobs done? Here are our essential tools for the home.

Set of Screwdrivers

It should go without saying that you need a good quality set of screwdrivers, of both types, in order to carry out jobs around the home. We’re not going to explain what they are for, as if you don’t know already, you shouldn’t be considering DIY! Have a look online for quality hardware stores, or visit your local shop, and ask advice on the best set for your available budget.

Electric Drill

This really is an essential item, and one that will make your life a lot easier if you plan on, for example, fitting curtain rails or any other items that need to be firmly fixed in place. You can find good quality electric drills for sensible prices, and make sure you get a full set of bits to go with it. Remember, also, to get both masonry and wood fittings, as they are both optimised for efficiency.

Soldering Iron

You might not think this to be an essential item, but here’s why it is: have you ever tried joining two wires together successfully, perhaps to extend an electric cord? It’s very difficult to get the join without a soldering iron, and they are very easy to use. In fact, we recommend you choose the latest breed, the very clever USB soldering iron. These don’t even need a mains power source, as they operate from the USB port on your laptop or PC. They are perfect for repairs or for hobbyists, and you can find a great review of the ten best such items at, an excellent website with reviews of a wide variety of household items.

Hammer and Chisels

Another obvious choice, and a staple of any tool kit, you need a strong hammer and durable chisels to perform a number of jobs around the home: try hanging a door without them! Check your local hardware store, or have a look online for quality suppliers and order from there.

These are just a few of the essentials you need for home hardware repairs and maintenance, and you should also consider a variety of saws, a sander, and perhaps a spirit level for accuracy. Check out the website we mentioned for the best reviews of home items and gadgets, and enjoy your DIY!

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