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Nothing beats lippy for instant glamour, just drop the shady puns.

There is nothing as morale-boosting as a new lipstick. It is the most results-based cosmetics purchase you can make — in terms of bang for your buck, it’s impossible to top. I feel that this is particularly true when it comes to reds, but that’s just my personal taste: a judiciously picked nude colour can do wonders, too. What I especially love about modern lipsticks is that they are so hydrating, and this makes a real difference: you go from dry-lipped to plump-lipped in the blink of an eye.

Hourglass has a new lipstick line out called Girl Lip Stylo (£26), and it’s a treat on many fronts. First, there is the formulation, which feels unlipsticky and more like a treatment balm: lustrous and soft, silky almost, which makes it a pleasure to use. You might think this means it will disappear the moment you have a cup of tea or something to eat, but that is not the case.

Two, it’s shaped like a giant pencil, or crayon, which makes it particularly easy to apply, unlike a bullet or a bullet with a slanted slice taken off. Why are lipsticks shaped like bullets? I get the pleasing metaphorical reason, but in terms of application, bullets are useless and slopy bullets not much better.

Lipsticks often have slightly creepy, boy-catcher names

Three, the shades are divine — they run the full gamut. (Dorothy Parker once said of a lacklustre performance by Katharine Hepburn: “She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.”) The colours here go from palest just-bitten lips to vampiest, darkest red, and I defy you to have a look at them all and want fewer than three.

Four, and this is important, in a small way: you know how lipsticks are always called things like Be My Baby, or Kiss Me, Daddy, or Naughty Me? I mean, some lipsticks exist that are called brilliant things, but generally speaking, they often have slightly creepy, boy-catcher names. Hourglass decided that this was a bit much, so this collection is called things like Explorer, Achiever, Dreamer, Activist, Inventor and so on. It’s supposed to be a reminder that we are all “catalysts for good”, and I feel it is especially well timed. Also, I think that if I were 16 and someone had bought me a super-expensive, high-end red lipstick, I would be really pleased if it was called Visionary and not, as it were, Bad Girl! or Whoa There, Hot Stuff.

Now, to the colours themselves: you really need to have a look in person, but if pretty, barely-there nudes are your thing, there is an especially gorgeous pinkish one (Explorer). If you prefer your nudes on the beige side, Influencer is beautiful. The reds are absolutely lovely and very easy and wearable (not always a given with reds): modern rather than old-school statementy. The one that hasn’t left my lips in weeks is called Innovator. There are also beautiful darker blue-reds, of which my favourite is Warrior.

Designer and TV presenter Poppy Jamie reveals what’s on her bathroom shelf

From left: Nars Blush in Orgasm; Eyeko x Colette Bespoke Mascara; Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet; Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray; Dr Hauschka Night Serum

Nars Blush in Orgasm, £23 ‘I absolutely love this for highlighting my cheekbones.’

Eyeko x Colette Bespoke Mascara, £25 ‘This stays put after just one application.’

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, from £42 ‘I love its freshness. Once I’ve found a scent I love, I usually stick to it. There’s nothing better than smell recognition.’

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, £8 ‘When I don’t have time to style my unpredictable hair, it helps to make the mess look purposeful. This gives that effect.’

Dr Hauschka Night Serum, £39 ‘My skin really benefits from the natural ingredients in this.’

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