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An old friend

If you consider yourself a bit of a handyman, or even a handygirl then you will probably already own a Leatherman. They are perfect for pretty much everything. Tightening up your kids bike wheels, helping your neighbour fix their squeaky gate and even opening up a nice cold beer after your long day of being a super hero helping everyone else out! Most people that own a Leatherman take it pretty much everywhere they go and use it almost everyday. For most people, knowing that they have a Leatherman near by is a comfort. It can help in tricky, potentially dangerous situations. Those that like the great outdoors (and are sensible enough) will never even leave home without having a trusty multi-tool stored safely with them. Not only that, but if you get yourself a good Leatherman, they will last a lifetime. With all of these experiences it is no doubt that the trusty Leatherman becomes a good friend.


A new friend

Those of you that haven’t experienced the ease of owning your own multi-tool will be pleased to know that there are many out there to chose from.


A very popular choice is the Leatherman multi-tool 300. This is a winner for people from all sorts of backgrounds. From mechanics to mums and even to some brave boy scouts, the Leatherman 300 is a solid choice. It has fantastic reviews and you can see the analysis of  the Leatherman SuperTool 300 on on bestmultitoolkit.com. So what is it that makes this particular multitool so popular?


Let’s get into the specifics


Working with gloves:

For many manual workers, applying their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an essential part of every day’s work. Not only will this often include hard hats and safety goggles, but also gloves to protect the hands against cuts and grazes. However, wearing such gloves can often be extremely restrictive and make any dextrous task almost impossible. This is where the Leatherman 300 multi-tool comes into its own. It is extremely easy to use whilst wearing protective gloves. It has large side cut outs which mean it is very simple to grasp. Not only that, it is comfortable to grip with rolled out handles. These unique features mean that it is the weapon of choice for many in the industry.


Cutting wires:

This multitool is an absolute God send when it comes to cutting wires. The electricians and budding scientists amongst you will have almost infinite needs for wire cutters and with this tool all of your needs are catered for. Firstly, there are the standard wire cutters, they measure 154cm in total. If these aren’t up to the challenge then there is a second pair of cutters, also 154cm, but these are for hard wire and should do the trick. Both of these sets of wire cutters are replaceable so if you are in constant use of them you can always update them as needed.


A complete recommendation

This product had a recent reprise and is now back in the stores after a brief vacation. It seems that the multi-tool world was incomplete without it! This tool’s popularity speaks for itself. The dozens of features help to keep it a firm favourite among an almost saturated market of multi-tools out there.  And with fantastic review after fantastic review, it seems the Leatherman 300 multi-tool is back for good.

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