How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

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Carpets are among the most high-maintenance items in any home, or indeed in commercial premises. This is simply because they have a hard life! People and pets constantly tramp across carpets, bringing in dirt and grime from outdoors, so it is no surprise that carpets do begin to look tired after a while. Regular vacuuming is a must, but even then, it won’t always get to the ingrained dirt that works its way deep into the pile. That’s why you might want to invest in a more robust carpet cleaner, one that you use every now and again to wash your carpets thoroughly.

If you already have such a cleaner, it’s still worth looking at newer models, as there have been many developments and advances in technology that make the newer models more efficient. With many well-known brands offering a range of models, it’s also sensible to compare not only prices but specifications, as there are some models that are much better at the job, and others that offer special features.

Which Cleaner is Best for You?

It can be a difficult decision; there are hundreds of different carpet cleaning machines on the market, and to find the one that suits you can be a time-consuming exercise. There is a great website called Clean Carpet Guru that might help you find the best carpet cleaner for your home. They offer in-depth reviews and advice on the many different models, and it’s worth reading to get an idea of which models you should put on your shortlist.

If you have pets, there are even models from well-known brands that are especially designed for picking up dog and cat hairs, so they may be worth checking out. You will find a range of different power levels, and there are models for smaller homes and bigger ones too, so you should take the time to read up on what each one can do.

Check the Spec

There are also some important distinctions between these machines; for example – and this is a very important point – some are designed only for short-pile carpets; if you have thicker pile flooring, you will need to make sure you have a machine that will do the job, so check the manufacturer specifications carefully. We also recommend you take note of customer reviews, as these can be very revealing indeed. Make sure you have a budget in mind, too, as you will find there is plenty of variation in price when it comes to these carpet cleaners.

You want your carpets to look bright, colourful and clean, and also to last as long as possible, and a good quality carpet cleaner, used on a regular basis as the manufacturer intends, is the only way to ensure that you give your carpets the care and attention they deserve. And, while we’re here, don’t forget rugs, for they need regular cleaning too.

Check out Clean Carpet Guru now for a wealth of interesting and useful advice, and to compare the best carpet cleaners on the market.

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