How Laptop Stands Can Improve Your Business & Satisfy Your Workforce

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Laptops stands are relatively inexpensive, and yet using them can improve the physical health of your employees while reducing the risk of hardware damage. With more and more work conducted on laptops instead of desktops, there’s never been a better time to explore the benefits of supplying laptop stands for your business devices.

Improved Ergonomics

The human body wasn’t meant to sit all day, and using a laptop often causes back pain since people need to hunch over to use them. A laptop stand is used to bring the screen to eye level, so getting your team to use them should reduce incidents of workplace injury and make employees a lot more comfortable.

Protection from Spills

Not all IT problems are caused by trojans, viruses, ransomware, and other external threats. One common cause of hardware failure is a simple spilled drink. All it takes is a knocked over cup of coffee to have the bottom of a laptop waterlogged, and that usually means buying a new one. Stands keep your laptops slightly elevated to provide protection.

Integrated Cooling

Take a look at available laptop stands and you’ll find plenty that come fitted with integrated fans. These are used to cool a laptop from below, complementing the internal system fan of each machine to prevent overheating, a common issue when devices are run all day long.

The benefits of keeping your company laptops cool are:

  • Faster Performance: Most heat is created by the CPU and GPU. If they produce too much, the computer will start to run less effectively.
  • Reduced Risk of Failure: One reason why overheating is a serious problem is that it’s a prime cause of hardware failure. In some cases, a laptop will shut down when it becomes too hot. This could result in lost work, but that’s really a best-case scenario. An overheated laptop could fail completely, taking all its data with it.
  • Quieter Working Environment: Finally, laptops tend to get noisier as they overheat. Fans will start to produce odd sounds, whirring at high speed to keep working.
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