How do I find a good digital agency?

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It can be a constant battle looking for the right outsourcing agency as agencies are not a one size fits all. The job of a digital agency is to deliver marketing services. They also provide creative and technical development of internet based work products. If done really well, your online visitors will become paying customers.

The first thing you need to realize is that agencies maybe good in one area of development while being weaker in other areas. Investing in the wrong digital marketing agency can greatly reduce your funds and resources as they lead you down a path to nowhere.  

The second thing is when speaking to an agency they will highlight what they are good at. For example, if you are looking for an agency that is strong in branding and design, then look for them to specifically talk about that on their site. If an agency is strong in SEO (search engine optimization) or social media, you should be able to locate that prominently displayed on their site. In other words, what do they specialize in.

The third thing is to do your homework! All sales people have the ability of describing their agencies’ capabilities particularly when a commission is in the offing.

The fourth thing is to do a search on Google as to reviews on the agency that you are considering. You hopefully will see what others are saying about the agency and their capabilities. Twitter can also be a good source to do a search as agencies cannot delete tweets. Agencies can delete comments on Facebook that they don’t want other customers to see.

Before hiring an agency connect with past and present clients to give you a firsthand insight on the agencies performance. Ask what challenges were encountered and what you should expect. Testimonials on their website can be misleading as there is no way to ensure that they are accurate.  

Before you take the ultimate step, be realistic about your budget. A good agency is going to be expensive as they have the expertise. How do they charge? For example, are payments staged in relation to work delivered? What are the ongoing maintenance costs going to be? Staged payments are wiser as you have the chance to interject your feedback as the project progresses. It also gives you the opportunity to learn in stages about the whole process as it evolves.

Always be aware of big promises. Consistency is key when it comes to communication between you and your chosen agency because it is important to remember that it can be difficult for somebody outside of your company/business to give you the growth you are after. You have got to be able to communicate exactly what your needs are so that the digital agency has a clear understanding of your product or service as well as a clear picture of who you are. Then you will have a great chance of achieving you goals in a rapidly changing online world.  


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