Caring For Your Small Engine Items

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From lawnmowers and ice augers to jetting equipment and gas-run generators, there are many items you may have around your home or as part of your small business that runs off of gas or some kind of gas mixture. Your car is likely not the only thing you gas up on a regular basis.

Those small engine items need care, especially if they’re used a lot, and even when they are only used during certain seasons. Care and storage matters. So here are some tips on keeping your small engine equipment running more smoothly for a longer time.

Use The Right Additives

Just like you might add fuel injector to your gasoline in a vehicle, there are additives you may want to (or even should be) adding to your small engine items. Some of them may be for fuel stabilization, some of them may make them fun smoother, and some may need an oil/gasoline mixture of some sort (often a case in ice augers).

Before you start adding stuff to your fuel you want to make sure you are doing it right, have the right product to add, and it really needs it. The best way to find out this information is to look at the booklet that came with your machine. It will tell you what additives are needed, and when. If you’ve lost this booklet or never had one, you can search online and possible even reach out directly to the company that made it (or the company you bought it from).

Does It Need Cleaning

If you put the wrong kind of gas, like diesel instead of regular gasoline, in a car it will ruin the car. At the least, you’ll need a new engine, and the most your car is dead. If you notice it before you start the car a professional can flush the engine and all will be well unless you make the mistake again.

The same could be the case with your small items that run on a gas engine. They may even need cleaning when you don’t make a mistake. It helps to know this, so read the manual. Some of them, if they sit during an entire season, can get clogged up if they aren’t properly cleaned or properly stored.

Proper Storage

 Proper storage is also important in your gas engine machinery. If you are putting away your lawnmower for the winter season you want to know how much gas should be in it (you don’t want a small amount so the gas can freeze and then you’ll end up with water in the tank). If you let your ice auger sit all spring, summer, and autumn will it still start right up come winter?

Some items may need to be placed standing up to avoid leaks (ice auger) while other items only have one way to be stored. You also want all of your items like this to have a home in a shed or garage so they are safe from the elements.

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