BYOD and MDM: A Match Made in Heaven

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BYOD is short for ‘Bring Your Own Device’, which is a concept that has picked up plenty of steam in recent years. Instead of buying company laptops for your employees, you instead let them use their own personal devices to conduct their work. That’s good for you since you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware, and it’s nice for your employees since they get to use a device with which they are comfortable.

The thing is, the devices people used to use were almost always laptops, but it’s now become common for employees to use their smartphones, and smartphones are not typically as secure as laptops, partly because they are easier to steal and partly because they don’t tend to carry the same sophisticated security programs.

Enter MDM. MDM stands for Mobile Device Management, and it perfectly complements a BYOD approach to business. Here are just a few ways it can help.


Obviously one of the major drawbacks that comes with extending a BYOD plan to include mobile devices is the fact that they are quite vulnerable. MDM allows your IT support team to monitor those mobile devices at all times. If anything goes wrong, you can even remotely disconnect the smartphone from your network or disable it completely.


People can be quite cavalier about updating their smartphones. Unfortunately, those updates often include vital security upgrades that are crucial for the well being of your network. With MDM, you can make sure all devices are patched and upgraded in line with the latest operating systems.

Security Enforcement

A further benefit of MDM is being able to place security limitations on a smartphone, at least while it is still connected to your network. Password regulations will need to be followed and identity management programs will need to be installed. You can blacklist certain suspicious programs and even limit access to certain suspicious websites.

Data Protection and Backup

Finally, keep in mind that plenty of company data will be kept on each company device, even on a smartphone. Your MDM solution can make certain that data is backed up regularly to prevent any serious data loss. Additionally, you can remotely delete company data if the smartphone is lost or stolen, or if its owner decides to leave your company.

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