Boost your pedal power with an electric bike

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Electric bikes can give your pedalling a boost. Matt Bingham rides five.

Cyclists, are you feeling burnt out by hills? Do you want to make it into work without dressing like a Mamil (middle-aged man in Lycra)? An electric bike could be the answer.

Thanks to their battery-powered motors, these push-bikes can give your pedalling a boost when you need — or even take over for many miles. Batteries can be detached and fully recharged from the mains in a few hours. Bigger batteries last longer but are heavier, meaning you need to put in more effort when you’re doing the pedalling.

You don’t need a licence to ride an ebike, as power and speed are limited to stop it crossing into scooter territory (find out more at That means in practice they should be capable of no more than 15.5mph.

For off-road bikes, though, anything goes. The motor on the Specialized model here will develop twice the power of a moped’s engine. No trail shall remain unconquered.

With a detachable battery and a motor fitted into its aluminium frame, the Turbo Levo passes for a standard high-end mountain bike. Feed full power to its wheels, though, and you could be tackling uphill trails at 15mph. Other fittings are as fancy as you’d expect at this price, including built-in wireless tech.

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