Barometer: your guide to what’s hot and what’s not

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What’s going up, what’s going down

Going up

UP Lily Jean
The new face of Topshop is a 17-year-old Nottinghamshire lass who was discovered on a swing outside King’s Cross. #TruFact

UP Latte one-upmanship
When you try to outdo someone in a breakfast meeting by having that extra coffee. Never ends well

UP Birkenstock beds
The cult comfy-footwear brand is now moving into the interiors game. Interested

UP The peekaboo hip
Body suit + 1990s joggers = current model- off-duty skin flash. See Bella and her crew

UP Iphone facemasks
Play Skin is a hydrogel facial activated by the microcurrents of your smartphone. An app too far, or our favourite beauty hack? We’ll keep you posted

Going down

DOWN The long-sleeved swimming costume
Great if you want a brown-glove tan

DOWN Fat-finger transactions
Accidentally transferring the wrong amount of money on your phone because your digits are porky and you hit the wrong button. All too common

Aka pheromone improvement training — a new fitness class designed to boost the release of natural chemicals and help you pull. End of days

DOWN Hard stop
Latest loathsome office speak for the time of day you stop working, as in: ‘I have a hard stop at 6pm.’ Just go home

DOWN The chain plait
Pretty? Sure — but try getting that out of your hair after a big night out

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