When my husband and I travel the world to visit clients and find new innovative products and great bargains, every now and then we come across great shops and awesome products that unfortunately no one knows about, or at least just a chosen few. While I like being one of a select group to discover a product, I consider it such a waste of a tremendous product or range. Every time I ask the retailer or supplier of such a product, just why they haven’t told the world about it, they tend to shrug their shoulders somewhat at a loss.

In such instances, my marketing mind goes crazy and I find myself having to hold my tongue. Luckily, I have now a way of supporting people not familiar with the world of advertising and help them promote their products by making advertising space available on my website. Countless retailers and product suppliers have gladly handed over the reins and allowed me to promote their products on my site. Some have just asked to publish advertisements on my site, while others have availed of our product review services.

Both methods have worked very well and thanks to my enormous readership, all advertisers have seen a considerable increase in sales. Time and time again, I have had to stress that you cannot sell even the world’s best product unless you let people know about it.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to publish ads from top suppliers and introduce unknown treasures to my website visitors. My 18’000 readers have come to expect new, eclectic and exclusive products on my website and blog.

Through detailed customer surveys, advertiser feedback and data collected from my own website, I am now in a position to offer top advertising services. The packages are excellent value and my strategies have delivered surprising results, so much so that the vast majority of my advertisers keeps coming back for more.

To give you a clear picture of what advertising on my website could do for you and your business, I have summarized the benefits below:

  • Prime Product Display: Advertising on my site is like having your product on display in the best shop windows of the world. Thousands of visitors to my website are hoping to find brilliant bargains and top items. Website statistics have indicated that a large percentage of the 18’000 unique monthly visitors go on to purchase a product introduced or promoted on my website. Highly visible links have proven equally fruitful for advertisers.
  • Go Worldwide!: Gone are the days when customers have to enter your store to make a purchase, now people from all over the world can see your store and avail of all you have to offer.
  • It’s a Shopper’s World: By advertising on my site, you reach thousands of shopaholics ready to make a purchase.
  • Top Quality Advertisements: The quality of an advertisement is of utmost importance and we will help you create a visually appealing and evocative ad to maximize your return on investment.
  • Let Our Experience Guide You: My marketing background and years of experience in online advertising will form the basis of your campaign. You will have to do very little apart from getting ready for a huge increase in demand for your product.
  • Review/Ad Combo: We frequently combine the sale of advertising space with product reviews and this combination has proven particularly effective.

Contact Me to Advertise on My Website

If you would like to find out more details on advertising on this website, please contact me at [email protected]. I will supply you with an information package and outline all the options available to you. Advertising packages are tailored to our clients and we are always open to suggestions and special requests. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow and expand your business.