“Shopaholic” or “Bargain Hunter” have been used to describe me, both my husband and friends think that I am a notorious shopper, but I would just call myself a “savvy shopper”. I just know how to get my hands on really good products at super prices.

Wherever my husband and I travel for work, I will find the best shops, selling top quality products at excellent value. What started off as a pleasurable pastime has turned into a viable business, we sample and review products, work with suppliers and retailers from a large number of countries, and share our shopping tips with people from all over the world.

The internet has changed the shopping landscape considerably. Anyone from anywhere can now purchase any product from any shop in the world. Equally, retailers can offer their goods to consumers far beyond the reach of their local community. To a marketer and savvy shopper like myself, this offers incredible opportunities for both customers and retailers alike. The market is enormous and retailers can achieve incredible sales provided they offer quality products at good value for money.

Consumers, on the other hand, will find it worth their while to source products from a variety of suppliers, compare prices and avail of the best on offer. I would like to position myself as a go-between and support both sides.

For customers, this website provides information on the best offers out there, where to get top quality wear at excellent value, as well as news and updates on innovative new products. For retailers, this website represents a platform and an intelligent additional retail space that attracts thousands of potential customers each month.

As someone who loves shopping, I know there is nothing quite like finding a great deal or even coming across a rare gem. As a marketer, I am aware of the importance of smart promotion and advertising and particularly of gaining access to customers from all over the world.

The internet has made the world small and manageable for retailers and consumers alike. As a consumer, it makes little difference whether you purchase a product from a local source or from a shop located on the other side of the world. As a retailer, you now have the added bonus of being in a position to sell your products to people all across the world.

My husband and I will continue to travel the world to find super suppliers and top shops and present and promote them on our website. I contribute the success of our business and website to our ability to understand both the consumer and the retailer. As for me, I just adore my work and can honestly think of nothing better than to keep discovering new quality products at bargain prices and be a support to consumers and businesses alike.

Sampling and reviewing products is also an utter joy to me and those businesses that requested product reviews from us couldn’t quite believe the impact. Consumers can be sure of honest opinions and in-depth product analysis, we do not recommend products that are substandard.

Ultimately, our goal has been to create the very best online shop and retail space, an online shoppers’ paradise and a retailer’s dream shop front. Judging from website visitor numbers, leads generated, retailer and customer feedback, we have been pretty successful at achieving precisely that.

Our work will continue, there is always an even better deal, more powerful or beautiful product out there and I promise that we will bring you only the very best.

I will be a savvy shopper on your behalf and let you in on all my top secrets for years to come.