5 Best Fitness Tracking Apps

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Fitness is one aspect of life which cannot be ignored or forgotten about. Once you have decided to get serious about it, follow-up and monitoring is very important. It should be maintained accordingly through consistent and small actions which eventually accumulate through time.

Technology has made it possible,with the introduction of mobile apps which serve as amazing fitness companions, to easily track fitness levels. Since apps and smartphones are very accessible these days, they have served as powerful reminders to be able to check your progress and stay on course.


  1. Charity Miles


What makes this app interesting is that aside from the fact that you are monitoring your own fitness routine, it also allows you to help charities.  Each time you walk, run or use your bicycle, you can earn money using this app. This is made possible by the support of corporate sponsors agreeing to donate a certain amount for each mile you have completed. All you have to do is to browse the list of charities supported by the app, and select the one that you would like to support. Despite being just a few cents collected, they accumulate through time.


  1. Digifit iCardio


This app requires you to use a compatible heart rate monitor. This will allow you to have a glimpse of real hard stats regarding your workout sessions. With a heart rate monitor, the information collected can be accessed. This will enable you to track your bicycle rides, runs, as well as other forms of workouts. Aside from heart rate, it also records time, distance, and pace.


  1. Cyclemeter


If you are looking for a bicycle ride app for tracking, the Cyclemeter is an ideal choice. This app is currently available for iOs only, and is equipped with the capability to collect a wide range of accurate data containing several features, appealing to fitness enthusiasts who would like to enjoy more than just one sport. Aside from these, it can also be used in tracking runs and walks, as well as other similar workout activities.


  1. Endomondo


Another app for tracking is Endomondo. It can help in monitoring your bike rides and runs, as well as other activities outdoors using simple and accurate interface. For example, if you want to track your walks while playing golf, this is a good app to consider. Its coaching features and training plans are limited only to Premium subscribers, but are worth every penny spent.


  1. FitStar


This iOs only app for workouts contains some basic workouts which are designed to motivate you to move more. On the other hand, if you choose the premium subscription, you can have access to more program options. There is no need for any equipment when doing these workouts, which means that you can complete them anywhere and anytime.


Thanks to modern technology, we now have access to these modern apps that help us monitor our fitness goals. With this in mind, taking full advantage of these apps will help make things easier to get fit, keep fit and more convenient to monitor your progress.

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