4 Things to Check When Looking at IT Support Providers on LinkedIn

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If you’re looking for a London-based IT support provider, there are going to be a whole lot of options from which to choose, and one of the ways you can whittle down your list to a select few is by taking a look at their presence on LinkedIn. Here are just four things you should check when you do so.

  1. Do They Maintain an Active Presence?

The first thing you should look at is just how active the IT support provider in question is on LinkedIn; it’s no good finding someone with a huge number of connections if they haven’t updated anything in the last few years. See if they’ve posted anything or engaged in any recent discussions. A provider that stays active on LinkedIn is likely to be serious about staying abreast of the latest industry news and systems, and it’s just those people that you want on your side.

  1. Do They Contribute to the Community?

Being part of a community means more than just clicking the ‘Join’ button. You should also take a look to see how companies contribute to those communities.  As well as belonging to groups related to the IT industry, a provider should be engaging in conversations and leaving comments.

  1. How Large is Their Team?

Most business websites will give a bio for owner and department heads, but they won’t always show exactly who works for them or how large their team is. Team size can actually be quite important when you’re looking for IT support – you don’t want this to be a small operation that could fall apart if just one or two people leave.

  1. Who Are They Connected With?

Finally, check out some of the provider’s connections. Remember that quality matters more than quantity; it’s not uncommon for businesses to pad their list out by adding anyone and everyone. If they have strong connections with other professionals in their field, that’s a good sign. It’s also nice to see if they’re connected with companies similar to your own.

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