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Smoking in today’s society

Often shunned as antisocial and unhealthy, the hobby of smoking really suffers from bad press in today’s society. Gone are the days of tobacco branding and funny advertising campaigns.

There is a lot of truth to the reports that smoking is bad for your health and research constantly reminds us that smoking can lead to a long list of problems. On this list are of course really serious illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

However, despite these many scary reports, there are a small handful of articles that suggest smoking may have a slightly more positive impact on health. For example, there is evidence that smoking actually helps people avoid obesity. Not only that, but there are claims that smoking can also prevent the onset of dementia.

Regardless of the health implications of smoking, it is hard to deny that it is still a huge, growing industry which millions of people across the world still enjoy.

Vaping as an option

Many people turn to vaping or electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Vape sticks turn a base substance (a liquid, oil or even dry herb) into a liquid that can be inhaled. They achieve this by the action of an atomizer which produces a vapour. Vape sticks can be combined with a substance that contains nicotine to provide users with a hit of the addictive compound when needed. A huge upside of vaping is that most of the products to use in conjunction with a vape stick do not contain tobacco. Since it is tobacco that is usually the product that is associated with all of the negative health conditions, vaping is considered by many as a really helpful aid in cutting back on tobacco and helping people to live a healthier life.

Despite the many benefits that vape sticks can offer, there is still a huge proportion of the smoking community that do not wish to switch to this electronic habit. These people consider smoking as more enjoyable and have no desire to stop.

To help such people enjoy this hobby to the maximum, there are a range of companies that design, manufacture and sell a plethora of smoking and tobacco accessories. One such business is Smoke Cartel who offer a multitude of products from glass pipes to vape stick batteries to flavoured rolling papers.

Here is a brief outline of some of the most popular smoking accessories available today.

Smoking mittens

Since smokers are often required to smoke outdoors, a whole selection of products have been designed to help those that might live in colder climates. Smoking mittens are a safe way for smokers to keep their hands warm during the winter months when they are required to step outside to enjoy a cigarette. The mittens have a metal ring which grasps the cigarette firmly in place whilst the user keeps their hands warm inside the gloves.

Portable ashtray

In many cities, it is a criminal offence to litter public areas with the waste from smoking. This can involve both ash and the cigarette butts themselves. To avoid paying a serious fee, many smokers opt to carry a portable ashtray to ensure their habit is not antisocial and that they keep the environment tidy.

Flavoured rolling papers

Many budget conscious smokers opt to use rolling tobacco rather than buy pre rolled cigarettes as they can be much cheaper. One way of adding an extra dimension to a smoking hobby is by using artificially flavoured rolling papers. These can be fun and novel and often include extremely surprising range of flavours!

We at OnlyReview.com would like to offer the disclaimer that we do not encourage any of our readers to start smoking based on our reviews. We offer this blog entry as a way to suggest interesting new products to those adults that already legally enjoy smoking as a hobby.


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